Discover Your Art Early: ARTOTEL Project Series in Collaboration with Ganara Art Studio

ARTOTEL Project Series (APS), Event Management of ARTOTEL Group in collaboration with Ganara Art Studio create a series of art classes called Discover Your Art Early.


Discover Your Art Early aimed to introduce art to children aged 5-12 years and the class will be held 1 time every month from May to August 2018 at ARTOTEL Thamrin-Jakarta and ARTOTEL Beach Club, Sanur-Bali. To initiate the collaboration between ARTOTEL Project Series (APS) and Ganara Art Studio, the official launching was held on April 28, 2018 at ARTOTEL Thamrin-Jakarta and continued on April 29, 2018 at ARTOTEL Beach Club with an introduction about Discover Your Art Early to media colleagues and mom-bloggers, followed by a children’s art class for invitees directly conducted by Ganara Art Studio team.

Following the collaboration between ARTOTEL Project Series (APS) and Ganara Art Studio workshops, there will be a photography art exhibition at ARTOTEL Thamrin-Jakarta and ARTOTEL Beach Club featuring works and documentation of activities during this class from 1 – 30 September 2018.

Yulia Maria, Asst. Director of Marketing Communication said: “We are very pleased to find the right partner to work together which is Ganara Art Studio who has the same vision in terms of art. We organize Discover Your Art Early for children so they may discover art as early as possible and become a means to recognize colors, improve motor skills and deepen their interest in art. Hopefully this cooperation will have a positive impact on the children.”

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