Disko Darurat Diskopantera

Best known as Diskopantera, the following profile brings so much joy to any 90s lovers out there as they dance to the mix tunes in his DJing gigs.

Full name is Rahmat Dwi Putranto, people call him Anto, and has since circling around Indonesia to give the best nostalgic experience in various music events and festivals. This year marks his 6th year in the music scene and still many know few about Anto. Case in point:

Diskopantera was born from Twitter. True or False?
True. As unique as it sounds, the name Diskopantera actually comes from Anto’s Twitter handle. In 2009, he signed up on Twitter and started to tweet away under a pseudonym Diskopantera – which is his idea of mixing disko pantura and Pantera in the same sentence. Pantera is his fave band from the States, by the way. And thus, Diskopantera – the name, was born.
That one friend that randomly blurted out the idea.

He actually has been actively DJing circa 2004, but then slowly chose to step back. Until one of his friends asked him to perform in 2012. Immediately thought to rebrand himself based on his Twitter handle: Diskopantera, when asked about his stage name. And after a random chat sesh, Anto decided to ask, “Why not?” to himself, and has since performing in a heap of venues, paving the Diskopantera’s ways.

100% original.
Keeping all the tracks to their original states, Anto isn’t taking anyone to be his reference in order to maintain his signature gig style. Keep it as original as it should have.
Lemesin Jangan Dilawan
Taking the tagline of Lemesin Jangan Dilawan, he’s been shipping his t-shirts to many cities in the country, even to areas that he has never been visited before. Together with his team, Anto is now focusing more on the designs, gradually taking his merchandise game very seriously.

Listen to our interview with Diskopantera on our podcast: The F Thing.

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Location: Global Radio FM

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