Disney Releases Mulan Live Action’s Official Poster and Trailer

Through Disney’s official Twitter account, Disney displays Mulan’s official poster that is played by Yifei Liu. The poster shows Mulan using a sword that seems to be in battle where there are many arrows flying around her.

Even though it is different from the story presented by the animated film, Mulan live-action is still worth watching because it still brings her old characters. Moreover, many scenes were re-shot because there might be discontinuity about animated stories and historical stories that will be brought in this film.
The film that also stars in Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Yoson An, Gong Li and Jet Li are ready to offer many new things about Mulan that hasn’t been explained through its animated version.
In the previous trailer, the trailer featured Mulan who replaced her father so as not to become a soldier during the war. Mulan disguised as Hua Jun must train like a female soldier where she must be able to survive and become strong until it finally shows its true strength. He became a soldier who was respected by many people and communities throughout his country.
For those of you who haven’t watched the latest trailer of Mulan, you can watch it here

Source: USSFeed

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