Dolphin Circus is Officially Banned in Indonesia

After a long fight by the dolphin activist from it is officially confirmed that Dolphin circus Wersut Seguni Indonesia is closed for good.

DophinProject has been fighting over dolphins for a decade—genuinely to protect and combat the illegal dolphin circuses in Indonesia, especially against Wersut Seguni Indonesia—a dolphin circus organizer in Indonesia that is claimed to be one of the cruelest dolphin circuses in the world. The activists have been carrying out various methods to tackle this circus, from petition, campaigns, and endless meetings with the government.
On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Indonesia finally chose not to extend the permits of this circulating dolphin circus.

Previously, Wersut Seguni Indonesia had also been exposed to cases of sexual harassment of sun bears, which were held by their genitals as part of the show. Also, Wersut Seguni is one of the companies responsible for trade in wild dolphins and supplying dolphins.
The dolphin was forced to perform five times. They were fed small fish during the performance only as a reward. The dolphins are trained to jump, dance at high volumes, perform repetitive routines.
Source: USS Feed

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