Take a Glimpse at Double Chin Restaurant & Bar

Succeeded with managing hotel properties that have spread in various cities in Indonesia, ARTOTEL Group is releasing their brand new restaurant in Jakarta—Double Chin Restaurant & Bar.

“The Double Chin Restaurant & Bar concept is perfect for our target market, namely the Kaula Muda (Millennial) who is bored with treats of general taste and offers Asian cuisine with a cozy & homey restaurant feel. It’s also suit for the business people who are looking for restaurants & bars to relax with impressive choices of alcoholic drinks,” Rizdian Siregar, Director of F & B ARTOTEL Group, said.

Mixing modern industry and contemporary design, Double Chin Restaurant & Bar operates for 24/7 and offers you various type of dishes completed with the appetizers, main course and dessert among the 40 menus on the list. Double Chin Restaurant & Bar is inviting you to dine and wine in their brand new restaurant and bar for only Rp 45.000 to Rp 265.000. Taking their dishes professionally made by their top chefs, Double Chin already has their most favorite menu—Grilled Barramundi, Pho Bo, and Chin’s Skin.

As a restaurant with bar, Double Chin is also equipped with their wine collections and 27 type of cocktails, including Prefer Blondes #1953 Gentlemen as one of their favorite cocktails, along with Lolita, Let Me in, Negroni and Platinum Sazerac—you can get and taste them directly for only Rp 129.000 to Rp 169.000 and Rp 700.000 for the wines. As for the non-alcohol drinkers, you can also get other drinks such as fresh juices, mocktail, and ARTOTEL’s signature coffee blend, Bukamata.

For more information click on their official website at https://doublechinjakarta.com/

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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