Drake Releases Statement Regarding His Controversial Blackface Photo

“This was not from a clothing brand shoot or my music career.”


The feud between rappers Drake and Pusha T continues to remain in the headlines; what started off with Pusha’s single “Infrared” has turned into a full blown lyrical war between the two. And by now, most have heard Pusha’s scathing diss track “The Story of Adidon.” On the single, Pusha goes hard on Drake taking shots at the 6 God’s parents, his alleged secret child with porn star Sophie B, and Noah “40” Shebib’s health issues. However, the biggest hit was the Pusha T-uncovered blackface photo of Drake, shot by photographer David Leyes. The photos were quickly met with a load of controversy and questions as to where they came from.

To clear the air, Drake has recently posted a statement to his IG Stories regarding those photos of him in blackface. Take a look at the full statement below. For more information behind the David Leyes shot, read our latest feature: “Is This Where The Pusha T Blackface Photo of Drake is From?”

A statement was also provided by Too Black Guys founder Adrian Aitcheson to Complex, which can be read below:

“The photo in question was not from a Too Black Guys photoshoot however it did feature clothing from Too Black Guys’ JIM CROW COUTURE/HOUSE OF CROW collection which was released in 2008. The collection featured several graphics that highlighted the painful and dangerous period of the Jim Crow Era. Too Black Guys has a history of representing the black experience in an unapologetic way. Although this was not an image from any of our photoshoots, we feel that Drake, who is a long- time friend of the brand, was brilliantly illustrating the hypocrisy of the Jim Crow Era. The subtleties of Drake, a young black man, mimicking how white men used to mimic and dehumanize black people may be lost in a rap battle but we should not be distracted from the issues that are still affecting our communities.”

Source: Hypebeast

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