Duo Budjang: Dissecting The Unknown Side of Each Guest One by One

Being a radio announcer every weekday on a local’s radio station Prambors by night and having a band Dead Bachelors by day, Pratama Mario and Narendra Pawaka still crave more space to pour their creativity. Hence, the two come up with their own podcast called Duo Budjang.

Launched back in June 2017, they started the channel on Soundcloud and gained the listeners organically. Mainly talking about music, movies, pop culture, and other interesting topics in more than the 100 episodes in Spotify. Little did they know, their topics and concept grabbed Narasi TV’s attention—a platform for the youngbloods to hone their creativity further.


First of all, before we talk about your podcast, introduce yourself to those who aren’t familiar with the podcast world.
Mario: “I’m an announcer and also a content creator. Podcast was my first content that I created—before being recognized by Narasi and changed the concept into video podcast.”
Eda: “I met Mario through Prambors where we shared a segment together, then he offered me to create a podcast together. So it was radio first, podcast, then digital TV on Narasi.”
How did you come up with Duo Budjang? And tell us how you guys joined Narasi TV?
Mario: “Well, we initially came from the same program in Prambors radio—where each of us has our own airing time and show. Yet we still wanted to explore more creativity for our content, therefor Duo Budjang was born.”

“The thing about podcast is there’s no time limit and we can explore various things. Duo Budjang was created back in June 2017, and around that time, Narasi TV was also in the middle of searching for some content creators who represent the voice of today’s youth. At that time, Duo Budjang was one of the few podcast players and Duo Budjang is considered to be able to represent their target audience and so the concept changed.”

Mario: “The name Dua Budjang itself comes from the word ‘DJ’ in the word ‘Budjang’, because we’re both radio DJs. And since there’s two of us so it’s a duo.”
You’ve been around since 2017 and uploaded weekly with a heap load of topics. How do you guys decide which topic to discuss this or next week? You guys ever run out of discussion ideas? What are the considerations we talking about here?

“I pay attention about the things that are currently trending and how relatable they are to our target audience. Guests wise though, we usually invite those who had just released something, from products to singles, like Kunto Aji. He just held his solo concert and we personally know him, so that’s the thing about our guests. We both of course like to create content that is related to us, which is music and pop culture, because we both do music and it connects with pop culture, too.”

Eda: “And usually, our guests have their own keywords, Kunto Aji with mental health, Raisa with her solo concert at GBK Stadium, Armand Maulana as the legend, and many more.”
In your contents, you talked a lot about the other side of several artists, how do you manage to unveil their unexplorable sides?
Mario: “I believe that everyone has their own unique point. They don’t have to be some big stars to have their own stories, the thing is, there are so many surprising stories about them that many haven’t yet known, but they can’t be exposed through basic questions. What we do here is asking them never-been-asked-before questions. All we need to do is do a thorough research about them, and surprise them with the unusual questions.”
Eda: “Agreed. For example, in our interview with Raisa, we researched about her and we found that one ‘rumor’ about her that says she only takes shower with mineral water instead of tap water. She was surprised, but from there, we got a unique topic and answer. Which means we’re discovering out another side of her.”

“Especially about interviewing musicians, they hate it the most when they’re asked about what inspired them to do the music, or what’s the meaning behind their group’s name, basically everything that is already written on the press release. We try our best to not list up the questions based on the press release or the Wikipedia.”

From all the contents that you’ve created, which one gained the most feedbacks from your audience and how important is your audience input for your own content?
Eda: “To be very honest, I’ve never read the comments, I usually got notified by my team, and most of the feedbacks that we got about our thorough research during the Hindia’s episode or Raisa’s. Also, the thing that I quite enjoy seeing is how other media platforms quoting our contents, meaning that Duo Budjang are able to discover new sides of our guests and clarify some rumors about them.”
Mario: “I actually try to shut my ears towards what people say—I definitely listen to some constructive comments, but instead of dipping my feet to their opinions, I want to stay focus with what I’m currently doing.”
Which episode left the biggest impression on you and why?
Mario: “For me, personally, it’s Boim from Junior Records, the reason is because what we talked about on that episode actually convinced us that we’re also able to do content. It’s one of the many episodes that received many viewers and the topic that day truly taught us many things about content creating, especially the behind the scene things. We’re super grateful for Boim and we definitely learned a lot from him.”

“Agreed. Aside from Boim, it’s also the one with Denny Chasmala, a songwriter, arranger, and producer who has produced a lot of hits in Indonesia. Even now, he still works in the music field. He’s the man behind ‘Berharap Tak Berpisah’ and ‘Pilihlah Aku’, which currently become an anthem in many hangout spots in South Jakarta. I like the fact that we can dissect the songs from the song maker himself.”

Mario: “And we feel very proud that people noticed the man behind the songs after our content, that lately people begin to mention his name when his songs are being covered—that actually our content has that impact.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Afriardi
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
Wardrobe: Legiteamate, available at TheFThing.com

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