Easy Tips to Recycle Your Overused Cosmetics

Your overused or expired cosmetics are classified as difficult to recycle. As a result, the cosmetics industry is one of the industries that contributes the most waste to the environment.

Besides being the responsibility of the cosmetics producers, cosmetic users should also take care of the environment from these cosmetic waste. Some ways that can be done are also varied. Unfortunately, there are many cosmetic users who still don’t understand this problem. These are several ways to recycle your overused cosmetics:
  1. Make it as a travel size container
Carrying large sized skin care products while traveling would feel troublesome. Instead of buying a travel sized new product, you can use the bottle of your small sized used product. Before moving the contents of the product into a used bottle, make sure you wash it using soap and warm water, then let it dry.
  1. Use it as plant’s pot
One interesting way to process cosmetic waste is to make it as a plant pot. You can choose the plants that do not need too much care and are suitable to be stored indoors, such as succulents or cactus. Before reusing the cosmetic container as a plant pot, make sure you wash it until no residue is left behind.
  1. Make it a DIY skin care container
Besides using it as a travel size container, you can also use used bottles and jar to store DIY skin care results. However, make sure to choose a bottle that’s still in a good condition. For a small jar, you can use it as a DIY scrub container, while a large jar can be used as a pre-soaked toner pad container.
  1. Donate to the rightful hands
It doesn’t matter if you want to dispose of the cosmetic waste that you have. Use water to clean the inside of the bottle to facilitate the recycling process. Then it’s important to remove the labels that are still attached to the product packaging. Once the cosmetic packaging is clean, you can donate these bottles to a plastic waste collection facility.
  1. Return to the brand itself
There are currently many brands that have their own recycling programs. Interestingly, these programs are also equipped with a reward system for consumers who follow it. Some examples of brands that run this program are Innisfree, The Body Shop, and Sensatia Botanicals.
Source: Sindonews

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