Egypt Proudly Display Things They Found from inside Their Ancient Tomb

Known as the country where the revolution happened during Ptolemy Era, Egypt made a great discovery from their many sacred tombs.

This year, Egypt started the month of love by showing off their newly discovery from one of their ancient tombs. This tomb is expected to be built in the era of Ptolemy and is located in the middle of the pyramids in Minya province. What made the news is exciting is not because of the tomb, instead about the 40 mummies they found inside the tomb. These spectacularly in shaped mummies are about 2000 years old and placed in the bottom of the catacomb.
The journalists had to walk down into a basement under Al-Gabal, about 260 km from Cairo to see these majestic human bodies. Rami Rasmi, the archeologist said that there are 12 children and 6 animals included in those mummies, while the others are found to be male and female adults. According to the Egyptian Archaeological Heritage Ministry, the Minya grave, which was discovered during the excavation began in last February, is in a public tomb that “may belong to a petty bourgeois family”.
Source: okezone

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