Europe’s Hidden Gem: The 7 Dreamy Corners of Malta

Europe is such a dream place to travel. When Paris, Rome to London have become mainstream destinations, introduce yourself to the hidden beauty in Southern part of Europe called Malta.


This archipelagic country has made its fame as the ‘Mediterranean Paradise’. Surrounded by the sea and consisted of numerous old buildings, Malta has a lot to offer for your getaway! Check these out!
  1. The Blue Grotto
It is a sea cave on the coast of Capri Island. It really is one of the best gems in Malta; you can go there by kayak or small boat and see the sunlight passing through the cave.
  1. John’s Co-Catheral
The stunning, Baroque-styled St. John’s Co-Cathedral was buit for the knights of St. John. Most of the artworks were donated by the Grand Masters and several knights. Don’t forget to cover your shoulders and knees before entering the church!
  1. Upper Barrakka Gardens
The Upper Barraka Gardens are the highest point of the city walls with such an outstanding panoramic view. The entrance is free and it is reccommended to come every noon at 4pm to see the famous gun salutes!
  1. Marsaxlokk
Marsaxlokk is very popular among tourists for its charming vibes and colorful painted wooden fishing boats. Come early in the morning and you can explore the entire place to yourself!
  1. Rotunda of Mosta
The third largest massive rotunda in the world, and definitely a must-visit place in Malta. In 1942, the dome was hit by a Luftwaffe bomb, but surprisingly nobody was hurt even though it was filled with so many visitors!
  1. Mdina
Mdina is the ancient capital city in Malta that is found around 8th century BC. Walk through the magnificent buildings along the way and you can find yourself take so many Instagrammable pictures!
  1. Comino
Visit the très magnifique blue lagoon in Comino. You can go snorkeling, diving, or simply chilling on the edge of the island! The water is crystal clear and you might even reassuring yourself to not coming back home after you visit Comino.
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Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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