Event Decoration Just Got Sexier with Ingrid and Karina

So if you’ve been friends for more than 7 years, you’re practically family. Think that’s the case between Ingrid and Karina who have been friends since high school. Ingrid and Karina have the same passion in decorating, their love for bits and bobs in the interior world bond their friendship furthermore. The two are now event planners of Paper Tree Decor. After quitting their previous job, both devoted their times to focus on the new job; event stylist and architect. Ever since 2014, Paper Tree Decor has been beautifying many events in Jakarta. And for next month to come, they will be busier than usual; wedding parties and photoshoots for Christmas!

So how’s the job division here between the two of you in Paper Tree?

Karina: “Ingrid is very good at managing people. Actually, I can’t do this without her. She’s very calm, cool and steady. Everything is under her control. Ingrid always has the best solution and her problem solving skill is superb.”

Ingrid: “Well, Karina manages all the designs for our events. She’s experienced on that, since her background is architecture. She does not only design the decoration, but she also makes the whole decoration and turn it as a new experience for the attendees. Karina is very detailed with all the displays and installations. She can estimate and manage it all well with her insights. She’s also quite outspoken. And she doesn’t mind to go extra miles in terms of planning to create a better event.”

How often a drama occurs between the two of you?

Karina: “We had dramas, of course! Sisters do drama, right? But just because we already knew each other since years ago, we usually talked and discussed about the problem instantly.”

Ingrid: “Yes, arguments and disagreements often occur in our daily life. Either way, that’s one of the best ways of communication because we always have a time to cool down and talk about it. It’s like a wake up call for us.”

What inspires you to have this business together?

Karina: “Since high school days, we both joined theater club but we basically worked in the production team. Too bad we weren’t in the same university back then, but soon after we graduated, we already made up our mind to do project together. We finally chose decor because it’s like our hobby. And to think there weren’t many stylist event and decor organizer back then, I think we entered the market at the right time.”

Working based on different themes, where do you usually get references?

Ingrid: “Pinterest is the manual reference, I would say. But we also follow many decor artist from abroad and locals, too. Or from other things like architectural building, museum, and art exhibition.”

Karina: “Yep, we sometimes get the ideas from architectural building or art space. We take the atmosphere and the ambiance then apply them to our decor.”

Do you have any memorable moments whilst decorating, either most cherished or most challenging?

Karina: “The most challenging one is probably when we did an installion decor without electricity at all for two days in a five-star hotel in Jakarta.”

Ingrid: “Oh yes, that one! During the time, we also actually decorated two different events in two different five-star hotels, but without electricity in both of them. We used flashlight and light from our phones. That was pretty memorable.”

Tips for those who are about to start in the same business as yours?

Ingrid: “First of all, a skill to improvise is highly needed. The second one is being able to work under pressure. Always remember we couldn’t afford slight mistakes in special events because we have to visualize what our clients want in a day.”

Karina: “Just like what Inggrid said, you also have to be creative and full of ideas. We work in a rush and in a very little time, anything can happen so we have to find the best way to get the answers. Plus, we have to maintain our health by drinking a lot of waters and vitamins. Because the truth is, event stylist isn’t as easy as people might think. If you don’t do the job with your passion, it won’t work out.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Wardrobe: NOHO The Label, available at The F Thing

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