Everything at Urban Sneaker Society by USS

Urban Sneaker Society is a grand sneaker and streetwear event in Southeast Asia presented by the United Sneaker Society.

Offering special prices for each item, is also an event that brings brands, retailers and resellers together. In addition there are varieties of brands that come to the event, from Adidas, Nike, Puma, Jordan to Damn I love Indonesia, Compass, GMX, Saint Barkley and more. Indeed a heaven for the street-style enthusiasts.

Being held in District 8, SCBD for three days starting from November 8 to 10, Urban Sneakers Society offered various items apart from sneakers and streetwear, as there were also thrift market, figurines, and music performances by local musicians: Iwa K, Dipha Barus Ramengvrl and more, talkshows with Sean Wotherspoon from Round Two, Hirofumi Kojima from Atmos, and there are also Edson Sabajo from Patta, Mr. Sabotage from SBTG Official, Junichi Izumi from G-Shock, Tamish and Giorgi from Ageless Galaxy, Ryo Ishikawa from FR2, and Yostria. G from Orbit Gear. There are also a basketball court, skatepark, trading pit, and food market. Urban Sneaker Society also welcomed exclusive releases and collaborations that had taken place in the event as well.

The first time the visitors came inside the venue, they would all be greeted by a hallway of BE@RBRICK, a way to welcome all the sneakers devotees. With a stage being placed in the middle of the hall, the visitors can shop as they watch or listen to the talkshows.
Not to surprise many visitors, since the first day of the event, a local brand already awed many visitors with the long queue in front of their booth. Compass is a local brand from Bandung that has been roaring their name since 1998 and stole the spotlight  for the next two days.
Apart from Compass, a Japanese sneaker and streetwear retailer Atmos was also set to open its first store in Indonesia through the event. Founded in 2000, Atmos has collaborated with many renowned brands like NIKE, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and Asics Tiger, hence with that in mind there’s a high chance that Atmos get to team up with Indonesian designers as well.

Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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