Everything You Need to Know about the Case of Exploding Charger

It is the ultimate nightmare for any social media butterfly – an overheating smartphone that can end up in, worst case, explosion!

You’d like your social life to be lit, but not literally! Cases of exploding smartphones have been on the trending topic since months ago, without clear confirmations on it. Let us guide you to the truth! Research has it, most of the actual cases of exploding smartphones were caused by counterfeited chargers! Such products bring nothing to your phone but overheating problems. Here are the risks:

  • Electrocuted and exploded
    Nope, it’s not the title a new action movie, but it’s the actual things that can happen to your smartphone on counterfeit charger. Remember, they’re manufactured without certifications of safety and quality, which resulted in compromised machines.
  • Overheating
    The counterfeit charger wasn’t built to be compatible with your gadget – and that will cause overheating. And when you’re producing counterfeit charger as career path, trust me, you won’t bother with ensuring the parts (such as plastic or cable in the product) are heat-proof.
  • Destruction
    Your phones may not explode yet, but using counterfeit charger will definitely ruin the quality of your phone’s machine and battery in the long term. The produce such product with the lowest cost, so don’t you ever think you’d get away with it.

Source: inews

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