Exploring Acting with Michimomo

The social media darling Michelle Hendra, who’s also known as blogger and vlogger, is currently pursuing her acting skill in Klaklik’s newest webseries “Gubuk Asmara”.

Webseries? Kinda interesting, can you tell us more about Gubuk Asmara?
I did the webseries under MNC Pictures called ‘Gubuk Asmara’. It’s about a startup company called “Gubuk Asmara”, which is some sort of a dating app. In the making of that app, the people are faced with many problems regarding the love story, friendship, etc. It definitely is a must watch!”
And the character you play in it? 
“I play as Ayu in this series, in charge as secretary and finance in the company. Ayu is more of an introvert, couldn’t really speak up in front of people. In this webseries, Ayu is also portrayed as a girl dealing with unrequited love.”
Is this your first time acting?
“Well, technically it’s not my first time, since I once played in short movie and also in a sitcom. Well, YouTube also needs a bit of acting, right?”

So, a blogger as well as a vlogger, and dare we say: actress? Why acting this time around?
“So the back story, when I was a kid, I’ve always wished for 2 things: becoming a mermaid, and a Hollywood actress. Truth be told, I was always comfortable whenever I’m in front of the camera. So basically, I was always interested in acting, that’s why I dove into it.” 
Do you have any specific character that you thought challenging to play on?

“I’ve always been interested to play a psychopath. To think like a psychopath and make a bond with that kind of character, isn’t it challenging?”

Dead or alive: which actor you’d love to play in a movie with?
“Hugh Jackman! Always adore his acting from The X-man series, Les Miserables, and also his 2017 sensational film, The Greatest Showman.”

Writer: Safira Nurihsani Azzahra
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Wardrobe: available at The F Thing

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