Exploring the Nude Colors with DJ Tiara Eve

Engulfing herself in music and acting for years, she crossed path with a new business project. The 28-year-old multifaceted Tiara Eve has been DJing in more than 25 cities and three countries from groovy electro to tech house within the span of more than 10 years. She also has a role in Moammar Emka’s Jakarta Undercover movie. Expanding her wings to business project, this beaut just launched Nood Cosmetics, alongside one of her friends Yasmine Wildblood. Letter F met with Tiara during Indonesia Future Fest back in April 2019.

DJing, acting, and now an entrepreneur.
“Seeing that my background in the entertainment industry has exposed me to a range of make up products almost all the time, I thought to myself why not launch my own lip products? It didn’t begin from a passion toward make up, but more from the business’ point of view, so I combined those two and now we have Nood Cosmetics.”
Tell us more about Nood.
“We developed our brand for two years before finally launching it seven months ago. Nood cosmetics is a dear to my heart and we hope that the same love will be well received into our customers’ heart as well. The color range is mostly nude color, hence the name. That women can still be expressive through nude colors. “We got the ideas from anywhere basically, books, lyrics, movies, even fictional characters. For example: Pink 182 from Blink 182, Poison Eve from my name Eve and Poison Ivy (DC’s villain character), Big Fang Theory from our favorite TV show The Big Bang Theory, Browmance for our newest brow product with a tagline ‘Gonna be with you, through thick and thin.’
Your preference daily makeup look.

“For me, it’s about finding your own color. Don’t follow the trend, go with what best suits your skin color. Indonesian women usually wear one tone higher than their skin tone to look brighter, which sometimes resulting in the opposite look of what they have in mind. Different color is always alright, but make sure the color tone is not far fetch. Nude color can be worn for various skin colors.”

Tips on having a business with friends.
“Definitely not an easy task, especially because we both learned to be more detailed. Having Nood Cosmetics made me realize and are more aware about contracts, production cost, marketing and all that jazz. Hence, when we agreed to do the business side by side, it has to be very transparent for both parties, about the risks and the obligations. On the plus side, we as entertainers have the advantage to promote them first hand to our fans and followers. So even though Yasmine and I are friends, but when it comes to business we both are being professional about everything.”
Thoughts on the power of social media.
“Social media is the number one priority when it comes to promoting my brand, I feel like the website’s visitors are slowly decreasing because people prefer to visit our Instagram page more. Simply cause it’s practical. So for new entrepreneurs, make sure to have your own Instagram page. It helps to raise awareness and to promote your products as well.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photos courtesy of @tiaraeve

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