Extra Xmas Gift for Stormi Webster

There’s nothing more surprising than the privileges that the baby Stormi Webster has. Turning two years old by next year, Stormi isn’t young enough to receive such an extra gift for her Christmas present.

The daughter of the youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner has recently created a buzz on the internet for her Christmas gift from her mama. On the latest episode of Kylie’s VLOG on YouTube, it is revealed that baby Stormi has been granted with a house of her own.

 The house is designed exactly alike with Kylie’s playhouse back when she was around the same age as Stormi’s today. Presented by her granny, Kris Jenner, the mini house has two floors where the interior in the playhouse is filled with furniture from Kylie’s toys when he was a kid.  Starting from the mini bed, kitchen, bedding, to the interior design in the attic upstairs.
Source: Okezone

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