F Muses for Coachella: Andreas Zhu x ATS The Label

Another muse and brand collaboration to be featured in The F Thing x Coachella! The second one is the well-known makeup and hairdo stylist, Andreas Zhu, and the founder of ATS the Label, Regina. Way before they were paired up for this epic collab, both of them are already friends for years. As a designer, Regina knows Andreas’ sharp point to be sketched for their collaborative collection. Other than that, what’s on this pair of friend about each other’s style? Let’s get to know more about them.


Tell us about yourself and your recent activity.

Regina: “Hi I’m Regina and I’m the designer and founder of ATS the Label. And now I’m busy with the next project between my label and The F Thing for Coachella Festival.”

Andreas: “I’m Andreas, a makeup artist and hair stylist. I’m doing my beauty salon every day.”

Share us the story about your journey from the start till now.

Andreas: “Ah it’s a long story but my story started around 10 years ago. It was all my hobby at first. I liked to see something pretty and when people look a bit lack, I loved to do some make over. When my hobby meets my passion is when my journey started. And it’s still here till now, until I own my beauty salon and all.”

Regina: “Well we actually just did a rebranding to our label back in 2015. As for me, I like designing clothes and there was this opportunity to do it, so it just happened.”

How about the inspiration, where did you usually find one for your creation?

Regina: “For designing and making clothes, I think I got the inspiration from everywhere. Whenever I got a chance to travel, I would have a new ideas from the scenery, even from the design interior. It’s just the same for the color pattern.”

Andreas: “It’s actually the same for me. Similar to designing, everything that pretty and alluring – I can take an example for my inspiration. But again, I try to challenge myself to turn the inspiration to even a prettier form.”

Collaborating for the Coachella collection, share to us your fun story during the work!

Regina: “I look up to his personality a lot. I actually want to make him a koteka (a traditional costume from Papua). No, I’m kidding (laugh). But really though, I see his style and personality the most when I was about to design it. In fact we share ideas to each other.”

Andreas: “Yep, it’s like when I have an idea in mind, I tell Rere right away, and it happened almost every day. Good thing we have a pretty close friendship and I can talk to her whenever I want. We always discussed about what kind of style that fits me and looking good and so Coachella.”

In the US, Coachella becomes a culture somehow. Then beside fashion and makeup, what’s other form of art or culture that capture your attention lately?

Andreas: “Nowadays, I would say travelling. Especially since there are many social media platforms in which we can share our journey. It becomes a culture already that people plan their vacation for next occasion and all. And I must say Instagram plays a big role for a mere inspiration for people to have their own vacation time. Like they can search up about the next destination that is wonderful, unique and so on.”

Regina: “It’s definitely lifestyle, as for me. It’s actually linked to Andreas’ answer because nowadays people love to splurge on shopping and vacation. Yeah more or less, it’s just the same concept.”

Being friends for years, what do you say about each other style?

Regina: “Andreas has that expensive eyes. So it applies to his style also. He likes something pretty, high-end and pleasing to look. And he has this killer mix-and-match about his clothes every time I see him.”

Andreas: “She is more into playing it safe to her style. She likes something effortless, simple and chic. Some of her styles are meant to be hers.”

If you wanted to add some touch to one another, what would it be?

Andreas: “Okay one thing, Rere always do a high bun for her hair, so she needs to get rid of it.”

Regina: “Hey! You don’t have to say that (laugh). But for me, Andreas can pull off any of his styles. I like him for that versatile style.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly

Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Makeup Artist: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Runner: Nurul
Location: Pardon My French, Jakarta

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