F-Muses for Coachella: Cindy Karmoko x EESOME

She’s one of the most original fashion bloggers in Indonesia. Let’s say hello to our next muse, Cindy Karmoko! To juice up the Coachella Festival, one of the world’s biggest music festivals, the dark-haired beauty makes a collaboration collection; and she got to work together alongside EESOME, a premium ready-to-wear fashion local brand. Psst, do you know, Cindy is already a big fan of EESOME? Read their conversation below.

So, for those who are unfamiliar with you, please tell about yourself and your recent work nowadays.
Cindy: “Hi all, the name’s Cindy Karmoko and I’m a blogger and stylist. I do travel a lot and doing my job at social media management. And I’m doing my first collaboration with Eesome for Coachella.”
Astrina: “I’m Astrina from Eesome. Apparently I’m the founder and creative director for the brand. And beside this recent collaboration with Cindy, I’m preparing a new collection.”

What’s the back story of how you end up being in your work right now?
Cindy: “I studied in Milan and majored in Fashion Design, and continue my master degree in Styling and Visual Merchandising, while I started my blog when I was 19. And yeah, the rest is history.”
Astrina: “I graduated from LaSalle College Singapore and took Fashion Design bachelor degree and then I worked in retail. Ever since, I fell in love with this line of work everytime and decided to make my own brand.”


Working in creative industry, what keeps you inspired?
Cindy: “People surround me. My fellow bloggers and influencers, stylists, and any other people who work on the same page on me – I give you all kudos. People might see us as glamour and some sort, but we worked as hard as anyone behind the scene. We still needed process to reach our target. And encouraging comments from the readers on my blog, or Instagram, also help me a lot. Plus since last year, I built my own small community and it’s such a humbling experience.”
Astrina: “My biggest motivation is when the costumers feel satisfied with our products and even the good packaging – that’s when I feel so content. Plus, when they buy more just because they like it.”

How about the story of your collaboration for The F Thing x Coachella?
Cindy: “Before this happen, I already like to use Eesome clothes and I knew Astrina since then. And when The F Thing asked me which brand that you wanted to collaborate with, I picked Eesome. For the this collection though, we did the brainstorming together.”
Astrina: “Yeah, and we combine our basic Eesome style with Cindy Karmoko’s one.”


Fashion and design are somehow listed as a culture. Beside two of them, what’s other form of art or culture that grab your attention?
Cindy: “Music definitely. I love old school jazz. Music is one of the established form of art.”
Astrina: “Movies play a big role though. The artistic in movie is good. I like ‘em.”
Cindy: “That, and because the tone color in movies also give us ideas. The wonderful wardrobe and costume are included also.”

Since you two already know each other, what do you say about the style?
Cindy: “Her style screams Eesome a lot – simple and minimalist.”
Astrina: “Cindy was that edgy girl, but nowadays she adds some feminine touch in her style.”

Then if you wanted to add some touch to each other, what would it be?
Cindy: “We respect one another’s style though! I also love her style, so no, I won’t add some other thing to her.”
Astrina: “I love Cindy’s silver hair. I want to see her with that color again.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly

Makeup Artist: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Runner: Nurul
Location: Pardon My French, Jakarta 

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