F-Muses for Coachella: Jovi Adhiguna x Noho the Label

Say hello to the sensational Jovi Adhiguna, our next The F Thing x Coachella muse. The 27-year-old vlogger and influencer is now teaming up with The F Thing’s in-house brand, Noho the Label, for this exclusive collaboration. Both Jovi and Noho have so much fun designing the collection with a dash of Jovi’s personality and a piece of Noho’s bold point. Shall we find out more?

Before we start, please introduce yourself.

Jovi Adhiguna: “Hi all I’m Jovi Adhiguna, and I’m a social media influencer and also a content creator. I have lots to do but one of the recent one is this collaboration. Lately I did a lot of travelling for work.”

Valencia Tamara: “I’m Valencia Tamara, and I’m the designer of Noho the Label which is The F Thing’s in-house brand. And having a collaboration with Jovi for The F Thing x Coachella is our focus right now.”

Give us a story about your work.

Jovi: “I end up in this kind of work and activities because my sister pushed me to do this. She started off earlier than me but eventually she kinda forced me to do the same. And the turning point was when I still had my blue long hair and it caught the viewers’ attention – they were curious of me. Then I started this vlog thingy and I guess people fell in love with my personality – did I just boasting myself? (Laugh)

Valen: “For my case, I love drawing since I was toddler. I was once thought that I wanted to be a painter, but as I grow up, I took a test in fashion school and I knew it right away that my passion is in fashion.”

We’re excited how you two work the collaboration out. Tell us the story about what’s behind it.

Valen: “So basically all Noho’s collection has an edgy, strong and bold part and cutting, and that’s why Noho chose Jovi; because we have similar style and at some point, Jovi represents Noho and vice versa.”

Jovi: “Yet, not gonna lie though that Noho suits my personality. From the color scheme, fabrics, and clean cutting – I guess it fits me a lot. I don’t like a complicated outfit; I prefer the simple-yet-stand out pieces. Noho has that kind of identity, so I’m happy to do this collaboration.”

Explain more about the inspiration for this special collab!

Jovi: “We actually brainstormed together. And thank God I have this basic on fashion design too, and Valen is a great designer, so everything’s kind of having a snowball effect.  Although it was hard at the beginning, we managed to find the midpoint from what we had in mind. Me and Valen surprisingly have the same big ego.”

Valen: “And yeah we are happy for the outcome!”

Coachella culture is already known globally. Then in your opinion, what’s other culture that grabs your attention lately?

Valen: “Definitely movies for me. Especially the old ones – there are a lot of inspiration that I can take from it.”

Jovi: “I agree with her. Watching movies is like my ultimate thing to do.”

Opinion on each other’s style?

Jovi: “She radiates tomboy-ish vibe!”

Valen: “Strong, bold, clean-cut, and oversized outfit scream him a lot.”

Will you add some touch to one another?

Valen: “Nope! I think people have distinct personalities which is shown through their styles.”

Jovi: “Hey this girl is right, though. I won’t add anything to people’s fashion preference.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi

Makeup Artist: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Runner: Nurul
Location: Pardon My French, Jakarta


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