F-Muses for Coachella: Kallula x Imaji Studio

Here comes the next muse for The F Thing x Coachella Festival: Kallula and Imaji Studio. The singer of Kimokal is representing our local brand in the music festival. Both of parties are enthusiastic to making the collaboration happen in no time. Little did we know, Kallula and Imaji Studio have worked hard to make these eight new pieces of apparels. Carrying the Indonesian roots with traditional touch in the collection, Imaji Studio push themselves to combine their identity with the singer’s identity. Letter F can’t wait to hear their thoughts about it!

There’s a saying that ‘Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang’, so describe who you are and your recent activity please?

Kallula: “Well hello my name is Kallula, and I’m a musician. My recent activity is having this collaboration with Imaji Studio for The F Thing x Coachella.”

Shari: “Hi all, I’m Shari from Imaji Studio and right now, we’re having this collaboration with Kallula and The F Thing x Coachella, so we’re super excited. And oh, other than that I’m here with my partner from Imaji Studio as well, Lyris and Leo.”

How long you’ve been doing this, and tell us a little story behind it.

Kallula: “So I’ve been doing my career since four years ago, I think it was around 2014. Before that I was a radio announcer and then after that, I graduated from college and decided to make an album for my music career. I guess I started from that and now I’m here being a musician.”

Shari: “Imaji Studio has been around about two years ago, yeah we started two years ago. And we’re a fabric studio which focusing on natural dye fabrics and of course hand-woven fabric. We have apparels for men and women.”

We are also excited for the collaboration! How was the story?

Kallula: “What brings us together here today is that because The F Thing. Basically the latter wanted to have collaboration between the influencer and local brands with the big upcoming event, which is Coachella Festival. And then they have this idea to have a special collection between us.”

Shari: “For the collection itself, it’s actually us that very excited to be collaborating with Kallula. She somehow embodies our aesthetic vibe as Imaji Studio as well. She is also very hip and urban, but in a way true to our Indonesian roots. So the collection is really simple and back to basic, and it’s about comfort and the fabric design.”

Kallula: “And I actually happy that they actually want me to collaborate with them. ‘Cause I feel like their identity is similar to one of the things that I’d like to wear. So I think the collab has run perfectly well, and we have eight looks in total.”

Share us the inspiration behind the collection.

Shari: “We actually take a part of Kallula’s identity which is black and white, and we want to combine it with our identity which is natural dye. So we design the pattern for the collection and it’s all hand-brushed and air-brushed. So it’s like a traditional-meets-contemporary patterns for our fabric. As for the silhouette itself, it’s pretty basic but we make is as what Kallula wants to wear every day.”

Name us another form of art and culture that grab your attention more than fashion and style.

Kallula: “It’s the music. I mean Coachella is like the ultimate music festival, one of the biggest in the world. So that’s why we’re really proud about the collection and it’s gonna be great because we’re gonna do photoshoot there and all. Since Coachella is one of the dream festival and everyone want to go there, and I hope that people would actually capture our collection.”

What do say about each other style?

Kallula: “Actually I’m not that worried about the collaboration with Imaji Studio. I’m just a little bit concerned about the colors at first, but then I knew that it’d be all natural and earth tones. I feel like I have to do this collection as well ‘cause I think it’s something that can represent Indonesia in Coachella Festival. This collection is really awesome and I’m really happy about it.”

If you want to add some touch to each other, what would it be?

Shari: “More colors for Kallula! She’s actually so great with colors, she’s too monochrome. And I think blue and earth colors suit her style.”

Kallula: “Yeah it’s actually the first time I wear this kind of blue and yeah I’m pretty excited as well.”

Shari: “Yes to that! We’re gonna put more colors on her. And we’re gonna put some Lurik fabric from Central Java and it’s very neutral palette; it’s very monochrome and black and white – which is very suitable for her.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi

Makeup Artist: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Runner: Nurul
Location: Pardon My French, Jakarta

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