F-Muses for Coachella: Michimomo x Lovo Clothing

Another muse is coming up for The F Thing x Coachella collection! Michelle Hendra is our fifth muse and this time around, she teams up with Lovo Clothing. What kind of apparel that will be presented by them? Gabby – Lovo’s designer, gives you a sneak peek!


Tell us about yourself!

Michimomo: “Hi I’m Michelle Hendra, but people know me for Michimomo. I’m a content creator who started it all as fashion blogger, and now doubles things up to Instagram and YouTube as well. Lately I’m, busy with my YouTube channel, so yeah pretty much like that.”

Gabby: “Hello guys I’m Gabby and I worked as a designer for Lovo Clothing, one of the in-house brands of The F Thing. And actually I’m designing for The F Thing x Coachella with Michimomo as well.”

Being an influencer and designer, what journey did you take to be right here, right there?

Michimomo: “Well for me I think, I started quite early (re: blogging) in 2009. There wasn’t a lot of Indonesian blog back then. And just because I love to write, I began to do it on my blog. Then from a hobby, it became a job. And now it’s just the part of my life. As you guys know, people don’t read anymore and they’re more into like a visual and that’s why I focus more on Instagram and YouTube now.”

Gabby: “Well working in a fashion industry, especially as a fashion designer has always been my passion. That’s why when I applied the designer spot for Lovo Clothing at The F Thing, and I guess it was all my first journey.”

Inspiration keeps you going on. The sole inspiration that you got was…?

Michimomo: “It comes from everywhere actually. Your surrounding inspire you the most. Who’s your idol though, like any fashion designer who you really love?”
Gabby: “Maybe like Dion Lee and David Koma?”
Michimomo: “Oh great ones! But for me, as a blogger, I love Song of Style the most.”

Now talking about the collection for Coachella, tell us more about that collabo.

Gabby: “I got a lot of inspiration from Michelle’s style, because she is feminine but also fun at the same time. This collection screams Michelle a lot.”
Michimomo: “Exactly! We actually try to create something fun, but fit to other people and in other occasion. A little bit naughty but good on the other side.”

Fashion and design are two forms of art and culture. Other than those, do you have any other that capture your attention lately?

Gabby: “Music, movies and book are actually my favorite term of art and culture since long time ago though.”
Michimomo: “Food! I’m a big eater and a food blogger as well.”

So what do you say about each other style?

Gabby: “Michelle has this modern feminine style, but there are a lot of fun touch here and there.”
Michimomo: “She is more feminine with clean cut with edgy and posh touch!”

Last one! If you want to add some touch to one another, what would it be?

Michimomo: “Maybe something boyish for her. She’s sweet but need a little bold touch here and there.”
Gabby: “I don’t think I want to add some touch to Michelle though. Her style is already good and I love it that way.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly

Makeup Artist: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Runner: Nurul
Location: Pardon My French, Jakarta


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