F-Muses for Coachella: Patricia Gouw x Novere

Having her name known for taking the second place of Asia’s Next Top Model 2016, Pat Gouw is now gearing up for The F Thing x Coachella collaboration with Novere. The latter is one of the local brands that will design a special collection for the music festival.

Please tell us about yourself and what occupies your life lately.

Jesca: “Yeah so… hi, I’m Jesca and with my sister, we are the founder as well as fashion designer for Novere.”
Jeanita: “Well I’m Jeje. I’m running Novere with my sister and yeah, we’re currently busy with the new Coachella collection for The F Thing.”
Patricia: “Hi, I’m Patricia Gouw. I’m here with both of them (laugh). But I’m known as model but lately I’m busy with MC-ing and being a presenter. Oh, I’m an influencer too. While my upcoming project is my first collaboration with local brand, which is Novere. I’m so excited, so stay tune for the collection.”

We’ll love to hear the story about your profession, too.

Jeanita: “Basically I studied Law but I was so fond of Fashion, as well as Jesca. Since we sorta have a same size, she often borrowed my clothes.”
Jesca: “Yep and we love to mix and match out outfits altogether. After sometimes, we thought ‘Why don’t we create something that represents our styles as sisters?’ That’s why we established Novere, which means sisters.”
Patricia: “Since I know these sisters so well, I know that they wanted to make a collection not only for woman but for man also. Something that represents woman these days with no boundaries to one particular style. So both woman and man can wear Novere’s collection.”

What’s the inspiration behind your daily style?

Patricia: “Basically, I just wear whatever that I feel comfortable. For daily basis I often wear tees, training short, and sneakers. But when I have to work or attend an event, I just can turn myself into a chameleon. I can wear anything different, and it depends on my client. And honestly speaking, I love to scroll down other people’s feeds just to keep me inspired. And it’s not only from overseas brands, but also local ones. Or I could ask for my friend’s opinion about recent styles.”
Jeanita: “Because our concepts revolve around being sisters, we got the inspiration from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. They’re twin, fashionable and they can pull off oversized clothes – so we look up to them. Our brand concept is similar to them.”

Now talking about the collaboration collection for Coachella, how was it going?

Jesca: “Too much drama in it though (laugh). We did many trials and errors until we found the best solution to our collection.”
Patricia: “And frankly speaking, I was confused at the first time for this collection since their style are more edgy and loose clothes, yet Coachella is known for their free style. And I need something that can fit the festival’s euphoria and stick to me when I sway my body. When we first met to discuss about this collection, Jesca and Jeje already knew what I wanted; something colorful and sexy. Yet again, a collaboration means we merge couple ideas into one, fortunately we are pretty easy to combine. And at the end, they put a lot of me in the collection.”
Jeanita: “Yep and it fits to Coachella’s style. But not only for Coachella though, you can wear it to Bali or somewhere to feel the heat.”

Art and fashion are listed as culture already, but tell us the other form of culture that capture your attention lately?

Jeanita: “It’s poem for me. I like to read poems in my spare time. “Patricia: “Something positive, I think? Encouraging and motivating quotes.”
Jesca: “More or less the same. But I like singing though. So, music it is.”

What do say about each other style?

Jeanita: “Patricia is super elastic, I tell ya! She loves to wear something tight and colorful, yet still comfortable for moving.”
Patricia: “Jesca’s style is much alike to Novere’s style though. That’s it.”

Wanna add some touch to each other styles?

Jesca: “Pat definitely needs more accessories.”
Patricia: “Hmmm I guess a small, shiny earring will look good on Jeje.”
Jeanita: “I don’t think Jesca needs more since she already looks good and stylish.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly

Makeup Artist: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Runner: Nurul
Location: Pardon My French 


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