F-Muses for Coachella: Titan Tyra and Sadara

And here it is! The next big thing is about to happen this month. Not an April’s fool, obviously, but much more impactful. The F Thing is having a big collaboration with 8 hippest local brands and 8 famous influencers for the Coachella festival this year. The first muse is Titan Tyra, an infamous fashion and lifestyle vlogger, with Sadara as the local brand who will make the special collection for Coachella. Both of them will team up to represent The F Thing in one of the best spring festivals in the world. Letter F digs more about their cool collaboration.

Before we start, tell us about yourself and your current activity right now.

Titan: “Hi everyone, my name is Titan Tyra and I’m a YouTuber and blogger and an Instagram-enthusiast who focus on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. My current project is of course a collaboration with Sadara and The F Thing. This April, I’m going to fly to Coachella and I will be wearing The F Thing x Sadara mini collection that’s especially made for the music festival.”

Sadara: “Hello everyone, I’m Nicole and I’m one of the owners of Sadara. It’s actually a very new clothing line and yes, right now we currently have a big project with The F Thing and Titan, so stay tune!”

How did you guys end up being in your respective work right now?

Titan: “For me, I’ve always liked YouTube. I basically grow up using that application. And I used to record myself when I put on my makeup and suddenly I made a video on my own YouTube channel. Surprisingly people love the videos and the content, so I keep doing it.”

Sadara: “My base is actually a makeup artist, but actually I studied fashion business. And somehow it’s like a destiny when I met my business partner, Adin, and she’s a fashion designer. We match a lot even though we are not friends before, but we’re very clique. Then we decided to make a clothing line, which was one of our dreams. We pursued our dream together and now I’m very happy.”

How about the inspiration, where did you usually find one for your creation?

Titan: “I need to look for many inspirations everywhere, in other videos as well. Friend, family, travelling are the main base for my inspiration. Because when I got to travel, I might find a new idea for business or my content.”

Sadara: “Sadara itself means ‘honored’ in Sanskrit, it also symbolizes feminism. Because we want Sadara to be versatile and they can look for whatever they’re searching for. We don’t particularly design for one style, but for everyone. We hope we can produce every women demand for their fashion. And our inspiration comes from influencers around the globe on how they dolled up themselves. We also want to have a collaboration with local influencers, so we can make a versatile style later.”

Then share us the story about the collaboration of Coachella collaboration.

Titan: “So far for this collection, we searched a lot for the inspiration; starting from Pinterest, Instagram, and basically everywhere, we kind of searching dessert chic and Italian summer vibe.”

Sadara: “Yeah that’s true, we kinda wear Italian summer colors which are bright but still stylish. And we make it to match Titan’s style and personality.”

Beside fashion and makeup, what’s other form of art and culture that capture your attention lately?

Titan: “It’s obvious that I really love Californian lifestyle which is sun, beach and Hollywood. I mean Coachella is very much like that.”

Sadara: “Yep, and it matches Sadara’s style as our collection is very beach-like and resort wear. We are grateful that we do this collaboration between The F Thing, Coachella, as well as with Titan.”

What do you say about each other’s style?

Titan: “I think her style is high heels, classy, elegant, and kinda the opposite of me.”

Sadara: “Titan has a free style of fashion.”

And if you want to add some touch to each other, what would it be?

Titan: “I want to see shaved-hair Nicole (laugh). I mean with a bold makeup and shaved hair – man, I can’t imagine her.”

Sadara: “I imagine Titan in a short hair honestly. Or maybe coloring your hair into a full blonde? (laugh).”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly

Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Makeup Artist: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Runner: Nurul
Location: Pardon My French, Jakarta

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