F-Picks #2 Greggy Giorgio

Few people have that kind of edge as they enter the room, and one of those rare people is our F-Picks muse: Greggy Giorgio. Under the same name on Instagram, @greggygiorgio, the Taurean social media influencer sports a not-your-average-cool guy as he struts and poses for Letter F. Born in Jakarta on May 14th, 1992, Greggy actually works as a network manager for getcraft.com.

So what is getcraft.com?
“It’s an influencer marketing platform, basically it’s a self service end-to-end marketplace for clients to discover influencers in Southeast Asia.”
That’s interesting concept. How does it operate basically?
“Well, since I am a network person, basically I make networks with all the influencers. My goal is redefining the influencer marketing industry because I understand it’s like ambiguous right now, in terms of costing, attitude, projects, and other aspects that define an influencer.”
Alright, so your company essentially will help define why such clients have to hire selected influencers? Is there any misconception tendency you’ve seen so far?

“Well, being an influencer is a new field of job for the past 2 years in Instagram and Twitter. The biggest misconception of influencers sometimes is about the followers. Let’s say on Instagram: if you have many followers, you can be categorized as an influencer, but the truth is—it doesn’t work like that. I’m talking about content creator. Numbers is sexy alright, but at the end of the day it’s about when you’re making a good content and you can influence people, then you are an influencer. So for me, I don’t care about the number, it’s when you make a good content and you influence your followers—then you can call yourself an influencer.”

Got it. But there are a lot of those, some of them have organic followers and others chose to buy followers just to have that **.k followers right?
“Influencer is more than that. Basically in Indonesia, we are still growing up compares to the US and the UK. In Indonesia, like I mentioned before, they think about “the followers”, when actually it’s also about making the right content. But there’s also another side, which is from the client’s side. When they have a campaign, they will brief both the influencer as well as the company about the content and which hashtag to use, and they also want to know our KPI (Key Performance Indicator), which is a number of views. That’s also my goal, to redefine the pricing. Because with the right KPI, the cost of hiring influencers is less pricey than let’s say Facebook or Google ads.”
Followers wise, you have gained also quite the followers. Do you consider yourself as an influencer?
“Well, I never considered myself as an influencer, because I work in entertainment industry for 4 years. And I got many followers from there, and yes, they are my loyal followers. As of now, I want to have a main job, but I’m still open towards about the concept. To answer your question, no, I don’t consider myself as an influencer.”
Still though, people would label you as one whether you like it or not. Do you ever hesitate or feel a bit burdened when you’re about to post something on your feed?
“I never felt that way. I post whatever I want. But some said that I post what people want to see, I don’t really care, it’s my feed, it’s my picture, my daily diary. Right now many influencers clean up their feed, but not for me. It depends on my mood.”
So in your opinion, what does the future hold for social media influencers?
“I believe people will make a smart decision when it comes to social media marketing. I also have to be selective in terms of choosing influencers, it’s not about the money, it’s more about the kind of influence you can give towards the whole environment.”

Interviewer: Adhinda Latifa
Writer: Ervina Michelle LIem
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Wardrobe: Intruders, Off White, and Supreme, available at The F Thing

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