The F Thing x Ar+otel Week: Exhibit The Exhibition

4 days to appreciate art at the then-celebrated venue near the port of Jakarta, Artotel Week is finally opened for public in November 8th-11th, 2017. Sponsored by Gudang Garam’s Urban Gigs and supported by The F Thing, Artotel held a big gathering for local artists to exhibit their arts in one place. Located in Gedung Cipta Niaga, Central Jakarta, the exhibition aims to show young talents in art and music industry.

12 young and talented artists joined the art exhibition and spread their artistic paints in the hall of exhibitions – divided the venue into 2: the left and the right side. The illest artsy vibe was all over the place, while lies in the middle is The F Thing’s own Legiteamate art installation. Left and right of the main halls are “splashed” evenly with each of the artist’s distinctive touch: Muklay, Barto, Atreyu, Hana Madness, Bunga Fatia, Cherry Virginia, Arya Mularama, Mahendra Nazar, Tomodachi Studio, Dhado Wacky, Hari Prast and Studio Mili. In this viral era, we live for everything that is live; to watch closer, to comprehend deeper. A sense of connection of the art world, per se. And that was exactly shown during Day 1: each artist showed the live process of the artmaking. Hashtag keepingitreal, bruvs.

The F Thing’s Chief Operating Officer, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo, expressed her enthusiasm towards the show, agreeing to collab due to the shared mutual interest with Artotel to push the creative industry amongst Indonesia youth through arts, music and lifestyle. A symbolic representation was also held briefly as The F Thing’s COO handed a Legiteamate Vol. 2 tee to one of the artists, Atreyu Moniaga. Marking a collab of 12 Legiteamate tees that are going to be “bombed” by each artist. Freedom of artistic expression and interpretation will pour through and shown on theses 12 tees. The 12 tees will be shown during the Fashion Presentation on the last day, November 11th, at 8PM, worn by 12 selected muses: Isser (Badass 23 Monkey), Upi (Tuan Tiga Belas), Martin Praja, Arnold Teja, Anastasia Siantar, Agnes Oryza, Chrisnawati Novia, Bill Satya, Amelia Bunjamin, Denisa Hady, Hans Marley, and Reggy Alexander.

The mains aside from art are also music performed by 12 musicians from Urban Gigs at the outdoor arena, and following the rabbit’s shopping trail, it leads to a new space for all the tenants: shop, shop, shop away. Though the attention is spanned into: art, music, and shopping, but the whole concept was cohesive enough for people to roam around without being interrupted by the music. Each of the hall, designed thanks to the Dutches, is designed to make every room filled with its own content – art room with art music, outdoor music, and backsound playing to accompany the visitors that stroll through the booths.

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Iqbal Syafei

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