Facebook is Testing Its Latest LOL Video Platform Feature

Aimed for the youths out there, Facebook will be coming soon with new short video feature. Are your ready for LOL?

Tested on some teens in USA, the executives at Facebook now is considering whether the feature should be embedded in the application or on an independent platform. Meanwhile, during the testing period, subjects of the test were accesing LOL short video platform on Watch tab.
Perhaps now you’re also wondering about Facebook’s other buzz: smartwatch. The LOL short video is confirmed to be out of the smart watch’s feature. However, Gizmo enthusiasts are still raving over the leaked screenshot of LOL feature – which showed carousel feature to help users find new contents. Smart algoritm will work to find out users’ personal taste and give recommendations. And of course users can create and share their own video contents.
LOL video platform is one Facebook’s efforts to attract new users, since a research last 2018 shown that Facebook’s rank has dropped to 4th position on the list of most popular social media platform. What do you think? Will it be able to boost Facebook on the top again?

Source: iNews

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