Fashion Encourager: Tysna Saputra

“If your goal is just for popularity, things will not come sincerely. Be positive.”

If you love to stalk the account of the fashion celebgrams, you may be familiar with the name of Tysna Saputra. He is one of influencers who come out attractively with the casual edge look.

4 male buzzers het bomagz5His passion in fashion began to grow while he worked as a script writer in a production house about five years ago. At that time, there is no fashion stylist in the work place, so Tysna helped style the models or artists and he finds it is fun. He then tries to apply it to himself, sometimes randomly posting his OOTD photos in his Instagram. The result was so unpredictable. He got many positive responses. For that reason, he thinks he has to do something with this. He decides to join a community with the same passion, learning from them and sharing his experiences.

“I started it with a good intention to create and share value to the others.”

Said the second son of four brothers. If you see his Instagram account @tysnasaputra, you’ll find a lot of photos mostly with monochrome tones. He admits that he’s likely to show the playful street style, like a dapper look or Harajuku style, casual yet edgy, so you can still wear the outfit in everyday life. He wants to show the cheerful and bold characters through monochrome, which tends to be fierce or gloomy. He would like to adjust it with his personality. Tysna has a target to post at least once a day. When he’s on holiday, luckily there is Instagram Stories to keep his fans updated.
4 male buzzers het bomagz6
Aside from Instagram and blog, the dude who graduated from Curtin university of Technology Malaysia majoring in Film, Television and Marketing also has a YouTube channel with the same name, Tysna Saputra. This channel consists of everything about his story, life and fashion. He always has a dream to become meaningful for other people.

Source: HighEnd Teen
Writer: Novita Angelina
Photographer: Rudi Sulistya

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