Fashion Hacks by Agnes Naomi

As an actress as busy as this girl, it’s very important to maintain a diligent skincare routine to keep her face looking glowing in front of the camera while in action – and of course to look presentable and decent with what she wears. Untuk seorang Agnes Naomi, fashion adalah statement, identity dan juga one of everyone’s basic needs. Tapi untuk aktris berumur 26 tahun ini, to look presentable is the most crucial thing no matter in what industry you’re currently in.

Agnes, yang sempat viral di TikTok dari trend tebak-tebakannya yang dia rekam bersama dengan Chicco Kurniawan, sekarang lagi sibuk syuting untuk projek terbarunya yang adalah sebuah webseries yang belum boleh dibeberkan detailnya untuk sekarang. What she can reveal for now is that she’s currently working for a crime genre webseries with experienced actors through this project and she feels really blessed for it. Throughout her acting career, she has played in so many local movies such as ‘Bebas’, yang disutradai oleh Riri Riza bersama artis-artis besar seperti Agatha Pricilla, Marsha Timothy dan Baim Wong, dan juga ‘Akhirat: A Love Story’ bersama aktor ternama seperti Adipati Dolken dan Della Dartyan.

As what so many sees on how she styles herself through her OOTD posts on her Instagram account (@agnesnaomi), she’s always able to pull off simple and basic look while still looking stylish and pleasing to the eyes. Dan pada saat Letter F tanya, inspirasi Agnes dalam hal fashion adalah Rachel Green dari series Friends, dan juga Jane Birkin. Now you can pretty much tell that the ‘90s trend style is her go-to style.

Elaborate your personal go-to style.
“Setiap harinya gue itu makai either jeans atau nggak celana hitam bahan flare, dan juga basic t-shirt. My fashion style is basically vanilla, it’s more of what I’m comfortable with. Mostly, ya celana panjang hitam, terus pakai either black or while t-shirt. Lalu, I prefer sneakers and also sandals. I always wear tote bags and ankle bracelet, that’s one of my signature styles.”
3 fashion items you can’t live without?
“Pertama itu gelang kaki, because that’s my statement piece. Karena gelang kaki itu mempercantik when people try to check out your shoes. Selain itu, gue harus banget punya either mom jeans, or high waisted flare pants. Itu semua udah statement piece dan signature gue banget.”
Your own tips to mix and match your look?
This is the one thing that I learned from someone in the fashion industry. If you don’t know how to dress well, cara terbaik dan termudah untuk terlihat fashionable adalah go for the basic stuff. Jadi, I advice you guys to have basic t-shirts, jeans, as I always go for boyfriend and mom jeans. I also think it would be really nice to splurge on shoes rather than bags. Go for the basics and it would always make you look presentable. You never go wrong with basics.”
Must have makeup products in your bag?
Eyebrow, mascara and concealer!”
Do you mind walk us through your daily skincare routine?
“Gue kan syuting makeup seharian, jadi gue benar-benar make sure there’s no residue left. So first, cleanser, and then gue bersihkan lagi pakai micellar water yang biasanya gue pakai dari Garnier. Lalu cuci muka dengan Wardah Aloe Vera, karena kulit gue itu sensitif sama jerawat. Terus pakai krim dan moisturizer, dan gue tambahin caffeine solution dari The Ordinary untuk under eye gue. My skincare routine is pretty simple actually.”

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