Fashion Hacks by Aisya Wiley

The clothes that we wear have a practical purpose. They keep us warm and comfortable at the very least. But for Aisya Olivia Wiley, fashion is more than just pieces of clothing. Baju memang memiliki peran yang fungsional, but they represent so much more. Seperti kata-kata yang kita pilih untuk diucapkan, pakaian apapun yang kita kenakan akan berpengaruh. Dan mau disadari atau nggak, baju yang kamu kenakan adalah bentuk ekspresi diri kamu kepada dunia.

For a fashion enthusiast like Aisya, who has more than 33K followers on Instagram (@aisyawiley), she believes fashion is an expression of our personality, to express the person that we are visually and without word. “I believe fashion is an art, there is no right or wrong styles, it is something that is fluid.”, the 21-year-old uttered to us. If you go through her Instagram account, you won’t find any flaws in whatever she wears wherever she goes as she has always been serving feminine yet edgy look with her unique fashion statement which never makes her look dull in every pictures. Kita akui bahwa Aisya memang sangat eksloratif dengan gayanya. Dan oleh karena itu, Letter F berkesempatan untuk mengulik lebih dalam mengenai tips fashion dan beauty darinya.

Elaborate your personal fashion style.
“My personal style is very mixed. Some days I love dressing super girly, other days tomboy looks are my go-to. Ultimately, I love something effortless and casual but still very stylish. I love a simple slip dress with sneakers, or an oversized shirt with some jeans. I love to add a lot of color to my outfits, I love to mix different patterns and keep my style very playful.”
Fashion items you can’t live without?
“Key items that I can’t live without are some mom jeans, oversized shirt, plain sneakers, a slip-on dress and many more.”
Your own tips to mix and match your look?
“One of my main tips for mixing patterns is to mix a plain top with some pants or skirts with a pop of color and patterns, and vice versa.”
Must have makeup products in your bag?
“The most essential makeup products that I can’t live without are concealer and an eyelash curler and also a mascara. Sadly, my lashes are really straight so I need my curler to have that long lash look before I leave the house. I also cannot do without my lip gloss”
Do you mind walking us through your daily skincare routine?
“In my opinion, all parts of the skincare are very important. My favorite skincare products are The Ordinary’s AHA/BHA Peel to chemically exfoliate my skin twice a week, I also wear drying lotion for spot treatments when the occasional pimple pops out. Toning is also very important.”
Please elaborate any of your hair treatment if you have any.
“My hair care is very low maintenance. Occasionally, I like to use a hair mask to keep my hair strong and healthy, and it is important to get regular trims.”

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