Fashion Hacks by Annissa Mawinda

In Fashion Hacks this time, Letter F berkesempatan untuk interview salah satu fashion blogger yang udah meranah di fashion industry sejak bertahun-tahun yang lalu, Annissa Mawinda. Fashion blogger asal Indonesia ini merilis fashion blognya Anisacrament secara resmi pada November 2011 lalu, ketika dia terinspirasi oleh seorang rekan yang memposting pakaian kesehariannya secara online.

Her quirky, unique style and beautiful photos from her travels and daily life have garnered her attention from all over the world. For her, fashion has always been a passion of hers since she was a kid. Warna, motif, dan kain-kain mudah membuatnya terpesona dan dia dulu sempat berharap suatu hari nanti dia akan memiliki pekerjaan yang melibatkan bahan-bahan ini. Annissa bilang kalau dia nggak pernah memiliki role model tertentu untuk masalah fashion style, she usually picked up inspiration and then she developed her own personal style. Dari akun Instagramnya juga (@anisacrament), kamu bisa lihat kalau dia lebih menyukai fashion style yang mengarah ke unik dan edgy. For her, fashion is a part of her identity and she wants people to remember her by how she dresses up usually.
Sebagai seorang fashion blogger, Annissa pernah mendatangai banyak fashion show seperti Malaysian Fashion Week, Topshop/Topman Spring/Summer 2012 show, Indonesian Fashion Week dan Jakarta Fashion Week. Ia mendapat kesempatan untuk bertemu banyak desainer behind the collections. Annissa sempat mempunyai hobi untuk bekerja di bidang fashion dan juga ingin membuat lini pakaiannya sendiri. Dan sekarang, dia mempunyai kesibukan sebagai graphic designer dan illustrator untuk akun Instagram bisnis jajanannya, Doke Doke Donut.
Elaborate your personal fashion style.
I consisted of a lot of things, but then usually I used to wear a lot of earth tones, Black, blue, brown, grey, or white. I rarely go for a bold color, but then occasionally if I have stuff to go to, I really like t-shirts and I will go for it, mix it with more tone for the rest of my outfit.
Fashion items you can’t live without?
My absolute key fashion item is a hat. Any kind of hat. I need me a hat because I particularly suck in organizing my hair. Also, I like to wear my rings a lot. It gives my tiny fingers more dimensions.”
Your own tips to mix and match your look?
“I don’t really know. Because honestly, I also suck at mix and matching my clothes. But then, if you’re at least confident, if the mix and match turns out to be a disaster, it won’t be that bad. Also, I usually go for more pieces, like just a plain shirts, baggy trousers and sneakers. All in earth tone colors. I think it’s pretty great for you next upcoming mix and match because you can literally mix it with everything that you have.”
Do you mind walking us through your daily skincare routine?
I guess, karena ini pandemic season, so I rarely go out. To be honest, I’m just borderline lazy, so I just use facial cleansing in the morning. And then, I topped it with SPF50, even at home. But then at night, I clean my face with cleansing oil and wash it off with my hydrating facial wash and sometimes I use BHA Salicylic Acid. But I only use it whenever I have a breakout.
Please elaborate any of your hair treatment if you have any.
Again, I have absolutely zero experience on my hair. That’s why I always have my hair short. So basically, I just dyed my hair and I just used any hair color shampoo. I also sometimes did hair mask, but then not too often, again because I’m lazy. And then I use some hair oil, just because my hair tips get dry very often if you experience bleaching dries, it’s best to use hair oil.”


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