Fashion Hacks by Laurent Kurniawan of OOTDINDO

If you’re a loyal Instagram user, you must be aware that the OOTD trend is popular right now. Trend OOTD memang semakin berkembang seiring dengan bermunculannya selebgram-selebram baru yang inspiratif dengan keunikan style fashion-nya masing-masing. Kamu bisa cek sendiri perkembangan fenomena ini melalui hashtg #OOTD dan #OOTDIndo yang semakin banyak digunakan.

Letter F had the chance to interview the founder of OOTDINDO, Laurent Kurniawan about the inspirations behind the looks of the OOTD posts on the web also about the behind stories about the platform itself. For her, fashion is a way to express yourself. Baginya, tentu standar ‘fashionable’ setiap orang berbeda. “I totally understand that some people dress up to impress other people, but it’s more important to just west what you love, what comfortable for you and what represent you the most. Orang lain akan tetap melihat apa yang mau kalian sampaikan dari cara berpakaian kalian,” begitu kata Laurent.

Your go-to fashion style?
I always go with any tanktop piece, statement outer and comfy flats. And I always get inspirations from Pinterest.”
3 key fashion pieces?
Any outers like jacket or coat will do. Basic tanktop that will easily match with anything and neutral color flats.”
Any tips to mix and match your outfit?
Depends on your style. Aku suka sekali pakai baju layering. Tapi kamu bisa coba pilih satu item yang mau kamu highlight atau tonjolkan. Let’s say basic tanktop and you can match it with structure jacket with awesome details.”

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