Fashion Hacks by Libra Akila

Nama Libra Akila udah bukan nama yang asing lagi di dunia entertainment. The short-haired girl is a well-known presenter and also a model who’s famous on her Instagram account (@libraakila_). She always finds the perfect way for her to mix and match her clothes, as we all can see from her OOTD pics on her IG account. Nuansa monochrome, sneakers, dan crop tees adalah fashion items favorit Libra untuk dia pakai setiap keluar rumah.

How would you describe your go-to style?
“My go-to style is mostly casual or urban, I might say. Basically, like a crop t-shirt or shirt plus high waisted mom jeans. Or, it can be an oversized shirt as an outer and a tank top inside plus a pair of high waisted flare pants. Kalau sepatu aku suka banget pakai sneakers karena cocok dipakain baju apa aja. Dari yang casual, sampai atasannya rapi pun, bisa tetap cocok kalau aku pakai sneakers. Kalau nggak pingin pakai sneakers, aku biasanya pakai boots or heeled boots. I kind of don’t have a specific go-to shoes.”
Fashion items that you can’t live without?
Like I said before, the two crucial fashion items for me are crop tees and high waisted pants. Basically, every single day I am in my high waisted pants. Be it a high waisted jeans, atau celana bahan atau model apapun pasti high waisted. And yeah, I live for crop tshirts.”
Any tips for mix n match your look?
For me, it’s all about being creative and actually make time to try out different outfits in front of the mirror. Berani aja untuk nyoba berbagai macam hal yang berbeda, so don’t be afraid to actually do that. You’re not obligated to follow certain fashion rules. Because based on my experiences, when I break the rules, I always get the look that I like.”
Favorite makeup products?
Since I’m a presenter I always bring everything when I go to work. Tapi kalau misalkan bukan untuk kerja, be it for a day out or a night out, aku cukup bawa compact powder sama lipstick aja. Dan sekarang aku currently suka banget pakai lip gloss. That’s it.”
Spill some of your skincare routines. Produck skincare apa yang menurut kamu paling penting?
I always apply balancing toner before anything else. Jadi setelah kita cuci muka, harus pakai balancing toner dulu baru pakali skincare lain. Nah, kalau keluar rumah itu wajib pakai sunblock. Kalau sebelum tidur aku juga wajib memakai moisturizer.”

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