Fashion Hacks by Lulut Marganingtyas

Paham tren fashion is something that comes naturally to the following fashion blogger, the girl has a fashion flare for sure. Lulut adalah seorang fashion enthusiast yang menemukan passion di fashion dari SMP sejak kenal majalah fashion. She joined a modelling class and has started to walk the runways for production house events.

Later, she decided to create a blog where she shares fashion tips called Black Meets Beige which came from her love for those colors. And after, she did internships for local designers and local brands, worked for magazines, retails, until now she works at The F Thing. So, not only that she discloses her love for fashion through her Instagram account (@lulut_m), but you can clearly see that she literally lives for fashion through she does daily.

How would you describe your go-to style?
Personal style gue sih lebih ke edgy and it’s always based on my mood. I tend to mix variety of styles like boyish with feminine or sporty with high fashion. Dan style gue banyak terinspirasi dari streetwear.”

Not only that am I able to make a living through it, but I can also find so much to explore and also am able to meet a heap of new people through fashion who have interesting insights.”

Fashion items that you can’t live without?
“Pastinya outerwear kayak jaket, blazer, atau apapun yang oversized, black heels, dan signature jeans.”
Your own tips for fashion mix and match?
“Kalau gue personally banyak liat akun street style di Instagram atau YouTube karena seperti yang gue bilang tadi, style gue banyak yang terinspirasi dari street style. Dan karena gue lagi suka sama K-pop, kadang juga liat dari airport style mereka. Gue juga biasanya buat note di HP kalau dapet inspirasi. Jadi pas gue beli baju atau ada special occasion, gue udah tau mau pakai apa tanpa perlu berantakin lemari untuk coba-coba banyak baju.”

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