Fashion Hacks by Stela Dwiarni

From girly to tomboy looks, Stela, who also happened to be the guest on Episode 2 of our miniseries South North Baes, claimed that she has never determined the way she styles herself. She’s one to believe that the way she looks is one of the ways to present her personality, so then she would try her best to look good and stylish. As seen from her Instagram account (@steladwiarni), Stela has always nailed the laid-back, off-duty model look that she’s mostly known for, but she also knows how to get very glam when the event calls for it.

What is your go-to styles?
“I would go for something comfortable and what fits my current mood. If I was into my feminine mood, then I would go for pastel and nude colors. If I want to get into my tomboy mood, then I would wear boyfriend jeans with a denim jacket. When I’m too lazy to dress up, I would just go with casual tee and sweatpants.”
What are the fashion items that you can’t live without?
“Earrings are really a must for me. I just can’t go out without them. Also since I can’t keep my hands still when I’m talking with someone, I have to wear my necklaces so I can play with them.”
For makeup, what makeup products that you have to put in your makeup bag?
“First thing first is concealer. Next are eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler, and also mascara. Mascara is really a must. Since I’m the type of person who highlights my eyes more than my lips. I barely use lipsticks, if you noticed. I don’t really emphasize my lips because I don’t think they stand out. I just apply more around my eyes. Oh! Also, highlighter for my eyelid and the corners of my eyes, so that they’re more popping.”
Now, what skincare product that you think is most important in your daily skincare routine?
“Of course, it’s moisturizer and sunblock. Also, since I used to have a really bad acne and now it left scars on my face, I have to use facial oil before I go to sleep.”

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