Fashion Influencing 101 with Reggy Alexander

The infamous male fashion blogger/influencer in Indonesia speaks to us about the influencing scene of Indonesia. And of course, we dig more about his eye-feasting Instagram feed.

Being an influencer, do you have that kind of moral burden, like you have to be perfect in other people’s eyes?

“It’s quite cliché that nobody’s perfect. It’s more like how we embrace our flaws. And you don’t have to look perfect to please the others – I mean, that’s unnecessary at all. The important thing is how you show your confidence self. If we are comfortable with ourselves and being confident and all, people will look at you positively. And don’t look down on yourself as the negative vibe will affect your confidence. It’s like boomerang –it’ll come back to us.”

Have people ever said bad things about you and it somehow made you wanted to quit this influencer thingy?

“It happened a lot to me though, the bad comments from people about me and my life. I can’t stop them talking bad shit about me anyway. And they’re so loud everytime. But, thank God, I never feel like giving up this whole influencer thing. It’s simply because this is my passion and I’m doing a right thing so far. And I don’t really care about what other people said about me. As long as I don’t hurt anybody else, I’ll keep going.”

What drives you to keep going and do your thing then?

“I just can’t abandon my passion. I love it so much, I learned so much and I earned many things from this influencer thingy. I love being around people who is positive and creative. Because when you do the things you like, it’ll bring you good things too. “

Is there any misconception about influencer?

“There is, indeed! I found many people who try to join the bandwagon of being an influencer or vlogger lately – don’t get me wrong, I have no problems about it at all as long as you have the passion, but I want you to know that it is not easy being one. I mean, there is no instant result, I’m already in this influencer scene since 4 or 5 years ago. So, I believe in process and everyone has a different processing time. It’s probably easy for being a booming influencer at one time, but the longevity is hard to reach. It’s not easy to maintain your career in this industry though, as many people come and go every year.”

Share your thoughts about the millennials who want to be vlogger or influencer…

“To be honest, I support it in a heartbeat. Especially if you already know that it is your passion. And not gonna lie this is one of the easy money. You can earn bucks by yourself while you’re still in school or college – I’m not to discredit formal education though! It’s like your side job, but you still have to do it with devotion. Just go for it as long as you can split your time well.”

What is the hardest thing of being an influencer?

“All eyes on you. People will judge you, giving you a side-eye and their expectation of you as a perfect human being will be forever linger. And they sometimes can’t separate the real deal between reality and expectation. That’s what I’m saying though – be as real as you can in social media.”

Do you want to do the same thing for the next five years, or do you have other plans in mind?

“People asked about this a lot to me, but yeah, I will be the same Reggy who is doing this influencing things for the next five years. But I won’t deny that I’d probably do some business for my future. Let’s being real here, I won’t be an influencer forever, so I need to prepare the future; from me, by me and for me. Thank God that I love to explore, find new things, and keep going – so I guess that’s my forte.”


*The 25-year-old influencer is busy with his final thesis, but he still can manage his social media account. Plus, he is now in a discussion to do some collaboration with some brands. Other than that, the music enthusiast does enjoy his travelling time, whether it’s a domestic of overseas spots with his friends.

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