Fashion Musing with Kezia Ponggawa

Lovò Clothing Season 6: Délicat x Jessica Priscilla successfully brought out the best of both brands, and without an exception: the 7 hosts. Lining up first in the list is the Kezia Ponggawa, the Editor-in-Chief of HighEnd. As someone who’s already in the fashion media for more than 6 years, she knows what’s best for her and how to speak up her fashion sense on daily basis; her versatility in terms of style.

kezia ponggawa lovo x jp bomagz9

Kezia is wearing Desarae Top

As someone who has a closer look to fashion scene, both local as well international, what does fashion mean to you personally?

“It’s all about expressing yourself. It’s a self-expression and it has to be comfortable. Wearing something that is comfortable for you is the ultimate fashion sense. And it’s not only for me, but also for others.”

”I don’t necessary follow the trend all the time. I look up to the latest trend, of course, but I don’t always follow it. Mixing branded items with high street fashion is something that I do almost everyday, it’s like a fashion trick for me. Because in my opinion, you don’t have to look like others and follow the trend, you have to create your own trend in a way.”

Have you always been a fashion observer since you were little?

“I’ve always wanted to work in a creative industry since I was 13 years old. I wanted to do something related to fashion and media. Being a fashion editor seemed cool for me, but at the same time, I also wanted to be a fashion designer. I researched schools that are compatible with my passion, and then I studied at Central Saint Martin in London, UK. To be honest, I was actually trained as a knitwear and textile fashion designer. But when I got back home, I started working as a journalist to fulfill my obsession – to work in fashion and media field.”

What is your fashion accent for every event: formal, casual, and a night-out?

“Well, I can say that I’m a jumpsuit freak. I honestly can wear it all the time. And talking about my style, as you can see, it’s a bit androgynous. I never wore a knee-length dress. When I wear a long dress, I want a simple and elegant one. Sometimes I wear a tux or jumpsuit again. On my daily wear, I tend to wear pants. I almost never wore a skirt. When I go to work, I love to wear loose top or cropped sweater or straight pants, and comfortable shoes. But I’m a high heel kind of person, maybe I would look extra boyish if I didn’t wear my heels. I mean, having an androgynous style can be mixed with sexy and edgy touch into your style. And when I have a night-out, I mix culotte pants with bralette, something like that.”

Current go-to ootd?

“Right now, I am obsessed with this vintage leather jacket. It’s a half denim, half leather which I wear whenever I get to travel somewhere.”

kezia ponggawa lovo x jp bomagz18

Kezia is wearing Blanche Top

How about your favorite brand?

“Hmm I have so many favorite brands. But I like Alaia, Sacai and Dior the most. And I’m a Chanel girl, deep inside.”

You often attended fashion weeks, so tell us about your favorite fashion week and why?

“The fashion week I often attended is Paris FW, but my fave fashion week is definitely London’s. In terms of creativity, London-based designers are suitable for my liking and style personality. London designers are way more creative and have a lot of outside-the-box ideas. They are more daring and quirky. Whereas Paris designers are usually settled and elegant, everything is pretty looking, including the invitees and the guests. And my favorite brand from London Fashion Week is Simone Rocha. I used to love Erdem, although lately their collections have yet to surprise me.”

Talking about fashion week, of course we have to ask: who’s your fave supermodel?

“Lately I like Coco Rocha. And I admire Kate Moss just because she’s not that tall as a model, but she can brand herself as a supermodel.”

As an Editor-in-Chief, what do you think about the local and international fashion industry so far?

“I think (local fashion industry) it’s going to the right direction. Of course we know, it’s a growing industry.”

“Some local brands have successfully tapped the market abroad, but again our biggest asset is our local market, because we do have a big one here. Our fashion industry is really big and good enough to export.”

kezia ponggawa lovo x jp bomagz1

“What needs to be emphasized is the original local brands, because there are already a lot of international brands that have installed their own company here—and they’re the ones that rapidly grow. If I can be honest, I look forward to ready-to-wear brands with a decent fabric option, that’s what I think is missing. Even if we do have it, price wise—it’s not affordable. In the international market, however big, but there’s a volume reduction in 2016, possibly due to the global economy situation. I talked to several brands and they noticed that the market experienced a slow movement. Let’s hope for the best this year.”

Now being one of the hosts of Lovò x JP and talking about the brand’s translation of femininity in its latest collection, what’s your take on femininity itself?

“I think being a woman in this era, we are very lucky and fortunate. I am very grateful to be born during this time. Because we have so many opportunities that women in the past were hard to achieve. Women couldn’t even vote back then. And I have nothing against gender equality, but I think men and women are like a pot and its lid – they complement each other.”

“And living in a modern era gives many perks to woman, and we have to embrace it wholly.”

“We have many rights, from career to even be a President. It’s up to you whether you want to embrace it or to keep it low profile.”

kezia ponggawa lovo x jp bomagz13

Kezia is wearing Caresse Top

Click here for a Q&A session with Kezia!

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Moody Wijaya
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA&Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Wardrobe: Lovò x JP, available at

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