Fashion Tips with Catherine Sumitri

Catherine Sumitri is the most lovable busy woman Letter F ever encountered, not only is she busy with her activities as fashion and beauty buzzer, but she found an eternal admiration towards food. The founder of Feastopia and Bago Jakarta dished out her love in fashion, beauty, and food in our editorial videoshoot in Diplomatic Suite of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. Have a peek at her 6 fashion tips for casual look, formal styles, and glam tips!

First off, how do you juggle between three passions at the same time?
“I was once a food stylist and worked in a graphic design agency for some time, and at the time I often did food plating. Looking at the pretty food intrigued me to learn how to cook. Feastopia started in 2013, where my friend Katarina Febriyani,  and I did it just for fun, we both love cooking; she was into pastry, I was more into savory dish. We did a collab with several restos where we had a pop-up store, but since each of us is currently busy with our own activities, it’s temporarily on halt. Right now, I’m busy with Bago, a pork-based dishes.”
Please share us your opinion about the correlation between food, fashion and beauty in your life.

“Well as a woman, we naturally pay attention to beauty and fashion, and we love to eat, too. People rarely believe in the fact that I’m a food enthusiast. In short, I love taking care of my dish and body.”

What do you like about being a food stylist and what is your characteristic as one?
“I’m obviously a perfectionist, I have OCD, so I have to be as perfect as I can when I do something. Well, it’s like beauty. We like to see eveything beautiful, including food. I want people to the beauty in their plate.”
Do you have another interest beside food, fashion and beauty?
“I love to travel. But due to my schedule and limited time, I can’t travel much. Yet, I always make time to travel once in a year.”
Your thoughts on ‘live the healthy life’?
“It’s not necessary about what you eat, your sleeping habit, it’s basically in your state of mind. Whether we are happy or not, it comes in one package. For me, to be happy is to be healthy. If you do some strict routines but your are not feeling happy about that, then you’re not healthy.”

Quick Questions

Pattern or Simple design? Simple.

Eyeliner or Eyebrow? Eyeliner.

Skirts or Trousers? Trousers.

Paris Fashion Week or New York Fashion Week? Paris.

One piece bikini or two piece bikini? Two piece bikini.

European food or Japanese food? European food.

Attending cooking demo or fashion week? Okay that’s hard. Cooking demo.

Appetizer or Dessert? Dessert of course.

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei
Makeup Artist and Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Wardrobe Assistant: Tri Septian Utomo
Wardrobe: Epershand, AINE, Dolce, Lovo, Guinn, B.Lab, Blairs Bazaar, KimxLim, Vinkoo, and Doxology, all available at The F Thing
Location: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

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