#FashionHacks Athena Thalia

Stylish, smart, and super edgy, that’s Athena Thalia, a business graduate from Deakin University and also a 22-year-old content creator.

Currently busy dwelling with her collaborations with some brands from fashion to f&b, Athena Thalia or Thalia for short is till out and have fun with her fashion styles. She likes her styles to be comfortable, cute, but still trendy. To her, fashion brands are not solely for the name but also for the men behind them, that is why she tends to gravitate towards certain brands just because she’s a fan of the creative directors aka the brain of the products themselves.
During an interview session with Letter F, Thalia reveals what’s the best fashion for herself, and she discloses them all here. Find out what she wears only on The F Thing.
Hi Thalia! We love your fashion looks, if you have to describe your fashion style, how would you describe it?
“My go to style, is anything that doesn’t include trousers or jeans, I really despise wearing long pants because personally I find them very uncomfortable. So, I usually go for some oversized shirts that I can match with short pants. I usually look for men’s shirts and level up my actual size. I am definitely fond of comfortable looks than others.
Something oversized and definitely no jeans huh? Then what are your key fashion items that you can’t live without?
“watches, bracelets, and my rings. They just come as habit I think because whenever I go out with one of them missing, I feel like something is wrong with my hands, so my key fashion items would be accessories”
As someone whose life is seen on the internet, you must have paid much attention to your makeup too, what are your top makeup products?
“first is liptint, I’d look exactly like a zombie’s sister without it, blushers, and brow pencils.”
As a skincare junkie that you are, what are the most holy grail products that you need in your life?
“the most important parts of my skincare routine are moisturizer and sunscreen. I have a very dry face and sunscreen is the most essential item my skin could ever had, so that if I had to go to a pharmacy just to grab one or two items, moisturizer and sunscreen are what I’ll get.”
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Afriardi

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