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The Eye to Eye singer, Baila Fauri is back with her latest single, See You, Kobe. A tribute song for the late NBA player, Kobe Bryant.

The 18-year-old gal is indeed in love with many things, and NBA is one of them, however there are many things about her that has she not ever revealed to the public yet, and that would be her views on fashion and makeup. Often seen performing with a casual top and comfortable bottoms, Baila is rocking her own style in her own ways, and to Letter F, she explains what does her fashion means to her and how does she rock her everyday style to look effortlessly good.
Hi Baila! We see you have a quite interest in fashion, may we know what is your go-to style?
“I’m not a very formal person, I totally can’t rock dresses when I perform, so instead I would wear something very comfortable. I like to wear what I personally lilke, for example tanktops, jeans, or flare pants with sneakers. However, when I like to be a bit formal, I’ll wear heels.”
Then how do you define your style and three fashion items that you can’t live without?
“my style is more into street style but at the same time I also have no style because I just wear what I want. With that being said, my key fashion items are bag, any kind of it, it could be backpack, purses, or shoulder bag, and outer because I get cold very easily, and the last one would be sneakers.”

As in makeup products, do you also have the holy grail products?
“as for this, this would be a bit controversial because despite having thick eyebrows, I really can’t dare myself to go out of my house with having some eyebrows products on. For my daily makeup, everything that I use are only eyebrows products, blushes, and lip balm”
After makeup talks, we sure that you must also pay so much attention to your skincare regime, what’s yours?
“ugh I love skincare talks, but I try to keep it simple though. So, when I wake up in the morning, I always wash my face, and put some toner for my face, then I’ll add a serum, and top it off with a moisturizer and a sunscreen. Sunscreen is a big must for me, whether it’d be a cloudy day or raining cats and dogs outside, I would still have my skin protected from the UV light.”
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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