#Fashionhacks by Alea Malika

The 16-year-old internet gal, Alea Malika has always been interested in fashion.

Often showing off her styles on her online platform, Alea admitted that fashion is something she looks after for herself. And to Letter F, she exclusively shared some of her secrets fashion hacks, and here are what you can grab from her styles:
Alea! You often captured your daily fashion style on your Gram, but how do you describe your fashion style?
‘I like girly but in streetstyle, but not on the “emo” side with beanies or long sleeves inners. When I’m going out, I like wearing something simple like plain colored shirts with jeans, and to make it looks more endearing, I add some accessories like a belt or I’ll add my statements with colorful socks.”
If that so, then what is your key fashion items that you can’t leave the house without?
“Definitely purses. Without bringing one, I swear my looks will look way too simple and dull, thus I try to add some “sparks” to my look by bringing my purse. It happened that I like some patterned bags so they definitely add more gradients in my style.”
How about makeup essentials?
“Quite many, but the main things are pressed powder, for the unwanted-oily-moment-of-the-day, lip tint, and mascara. I can swing my days with only these three, so they’re certainly a must for me.”
Then what about your skincare holy grail item?
“I’m currently hitting my puberty, meaning that my skin is going through a big changing moment, thus I am indeed having some skin problems every now and then. However, ever since I came across this centella asiatica ampoule that my sister introduced me to, my skin just went straight to its healthiest condition. So, ampoule is my skincare holy grail item.”


Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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