#FashionHacks by Eros Tjokro

It’s no doubt that Eros Tjokro is well known for his soothing voice and energetic singing performance on stage. Confidence is his strong suit, both off and on stage and that’s why we go to Eros when it comes to the ultimate must have key fashion item.

Your 3 key fashion pieces, and why?
“I would say any oversized pieces, from tees, jackets, shirts. They’re really comfy and fit. Second thing would be sneakers, you can mix any look with sneakers. You can never go wrong with sneakers. Last would be wearing watches, I’m a person who’s always on time so I always depend on my watch.”
How would you describe your daily go-to style?
“Short pants. Oversized tees. Sneakers. That’s it.”
Is there any particular fashion trend that you’re into right now?

“I really like oversized t-shirts Fear of God and Kanye West’s style, I’m also a fan of color blocking.”

Any special grooming treatments?
“Shaving is really important for me three times a week. Currently, my hair is long though so I prefer the slick back look, so hair gel is important. Also, I always wear perfume or body spray. Essentially, looking my very best is very important for me.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia

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