#FashionHacks by Namira Adzani

If you were active on social media, there’s no way that you have no idea about this girl.

Namira Adzani was first introduced to the public as the 3rd winner of GoGirl! Look in 2008, she was one of the youngest finalists at that time, but she proved that age doesn’t define her credibility.
Starting as a model, Namira graced many covers of GoGirl Magazines, walking down the runways, and then she officially opened her own brand called, Adzani. Being in the fashion industry for years influenced her to create her own stories through fabrics, and with her brand, the graduate of Prasetiya Mulya School of Business, Namira explores more sides of hers and actively branding her brand through the everyone’s favorite platform, Instagram.
Through one of The F Thing’s South North Baes’ episode, Letter F got to sit down with her and talk more about her love in fashion and beauty, so find out what her thoughts on them here on Letter F.
Hi Namira thank you for coming! Your outfits look cute today, can you explain your fashion style?
“To be very honest, I’m quite confused on how actually define my own go-to styles because I’m pretty unpredictable on what I want to wear every single day. To sums it up, I guess my style depends on my current mood and the occasion I’m going to, for example, when I’m feeling like a dog with two tails, I tend to wear something colorful or I get more playful in my outfits.”
That’s very interesting, but then what is your fashion key items?
Definitely hats! Though I may not wear it all the time, but I’m a firm believer that hats can be the additional items any looks need. So, whenever I need one fashion statement in my look, I’ll always add hat as my favorite it item.
How about makeup? Do you have your own favorite makeup product?
“lipstick, lipstick, and more lipsticks! I could never leave the house without carrying any lipsticks in my purse, and whenever I want to change my look, I can always change the color of my lips and I will have a whole new look on my face.”
Since you love makeup, do you have your favorite skincare tips?
“my answer would always to never forget serum in your routine. Through my entire skincare routine, serum is the one that gives me the most visible impact, especially when I have found ‘the one.’ I usually use serum that can help me to relax and protect my skin barrier, I always turn myself to serum that is hydrating but also gentle to my sensitive skin. It’s pretty tricky to find the best serum for your skin, but once you do, you need nothing more than that.”
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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