5 Fatal Mistakes in a Conversation

When we talk to someone we share many mutual things with, everything goes just right in place, but when you talk with someone you barely know, it becomes utterly hard and most likely gets awkward in the end. It happens.

But what makes a conversation go wrong in the first place? Find out what are the 7 fatal mistakes in a conversation, here.
  • Asking too many questions
Are you having a conversation or doing a police interrogation? Asking too many questions will not let you build a relationship with the partner you’re talking to.
  • Trying to get them spill something
When you’re trying to lead your partner to talk about a topic that is obvious on your side, trust us that they will know that you’re trying to make them talk about something and it won’t do good to you. Never push someone to talk about something that is private to them unless they talk about it first.
  • Putting the focus only on you
Handling a conversation is not a place to brag or to put the entire spotlight on you only. It’s a two-way conversation, so try to include your partner in the topic as well, listen to their stories, and make them know that you’re listening.
  • Forcing advice on your partner
First and foremost, do not ever put your opinion on something when you’re not asked to. When someone is down in the dumps, they don’t want to hear your advice at all, instead, they want to be listened to. So, unless they ask your opinions, never force your advice to them.
  • Abandoning the body signs
During a conversation, paying attention to the body language is the golden key. Most conversations happen through facial expressions, and misreading them could lead you to other cues. Pay attention when someone is trying to cut off the conversation or is not comfortable starting a conversation in the first place. You really do not want to ruin something that hasn’t been built, have you?

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Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: Medium

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