All Our Favorite Kits from World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 is here – 32 teams who qualified for the biggest football fiesta gather in Russia to show their best performance… Literally.

Everything is always carefully prepared for the quadriennial championship, from fitness to mentality. For decades, jersey kit is one of the most central parts of World Cup since it becomes the symbol of cultural celebration from each country. It is no wonder that for certain teams like Germany and England, they often collaborate with the best scientists and designers to create the smartest, most aesthetically pleasing, kits ever.

Though there will not be much change with color identities, people look up for the embellishments and accents that becomes the pride of each country. As the official kits are already released few months ago, we have chosen our favorite ones so far. We all just can’t wait to watch them on the pitch, no?



The team wore their pride on their sleeves, literally. Prints taken from 2006 Socceroos will accompany the team on their sleeves.



Who does not recognize the sky blue-white stripes? We love how they accentuate the blue hues gradually.



Eden Hazard wore the kits inspired by the nation’s most iconic 1984 kit, just without the white band on the front.




As geometric, as eccentric, as iconic as their players—Neuer and team certainly know how to emphasize their 4-starred kits.



The African representative is looking very cool with lion nuances embossed on the top kit.



Spain returns once again with their retro geometric pattern that runs vertically on the right side of top kit. This is basically a face-lifted version of their 1994 kit, but we love how it turns out.



If you wonder what the surrealist embossed lines are about, the team is actually reflecting their mountainous regions on their kit.

How about you? Which country do you think has the best kit?


Source: HighEndTeen

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