FCalendar #13: Where and What to do in Jakarta this Weekend?

The first weekend of 2019! Wonder what the New Year has in store for us?

1. Gatot Indrajati Workshop at Museum Macan
Yogyakarta-based artist Gatot Indrajati is the name behind Kotak Utak-Atik. This event fits not only for teenagers but also kids. Bring them to Museum Macan to start their interest in art by drawing on cardboard and many else. This would be a free event, each participants will be accompanied by Mr.Gatot himself. Happening this Saturday, 5th January 2019.

For more info:
IG : @museummacan
2. 3D Printing Workshop at @america
Do you love science? Have you heard about 3D Printing and probably curious how it works? This Saturday, @america is giving you a free 2-day workshop together with the Society of Women Engineers Affiliate Jakarta (SWE Affiliate Jakarta) to discover about 3D Printing and Autodesk Software. Since it’s only limited to 20 participants, secure your spot now by visiting: http://www.atamerica.or.id/events/3864/3D-Printing-Workshop

3. Exi(s)t #7 Studio Visit at Dialogue Artspace.
‘Rumah Tangga’ – a 5500m2 family-inherited land in Depok, is the home of artist Ella Wijt and Kurt Peterson. The home itself is designed by architect Eki Yousha, and it has been an experimental, collaborative unfolding between Yousha and the artists. Though it wasn’t finished yet, you are invited to witness their collection, a living museum, gallery, studios, performance space, artist gardens, also residency. This tour will show you what amazing work Ella and Kurt have done with an afternoon stroll and lunch, completed with intimate discussion and special performance. Intrigue? Secure you spot, because only 10 lucky people would enjoy this amazing session that takes part on 6th of January 2019.

For more info:
IG: @dialogue_arts or @existprogram
4. Open Haus at Bau-Haus 1933
First weekend of 2019, wondering where to party? Bau-Haus is having an Open Haus on both Friday and Saturday. Haus Call will spoil you with its amazing artist lineups. On Friday, there will be Bima G & Tanzel, and on Saturday there will be Nuel Ante & Irwin. Come and join Bau-Haus for a good night out!

For more info:
IG: @bauhaus1933
RSVP: 0812 9083 532
5. Hotel Monopoli’s Weekend Plan
This Friday , January 4th Hotel Monopoli will have  Poppin’ Friday Night at The Moon Pool Lounge & Bar, featuring Barry & Dunno. In other place of the Hotel  called The Room Bar & Club, an event called Basement No 12 will take place featuring Jophy & Rizki Rixx. Can’t make it this Friday? What about Saturday? Bima G & Kayman will be playing at The Moon and Jophy & Om Cuss at The Room! Pick your date!


For more info:
IG: @hotelmonopoli
6. Salenco for Your Diet Resolution
A new, healthy munch is opened in Jakarta. Located at Ruko Garden House No.1 B PIK, this place offers you fruit smoothies, salad bowl, and so many other healthy stuff with beautiful ambience. Bringing the beautiful Greece architecture and feel, the ambiance is both calm and heart-warming. And from now until 10th January, you will be treated with Free Gelato by purchasing 1 appetizer and 1 main course! How cool is that!

For more info:
IG: @salenco.id
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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