FCalendar #17: Where to Go and What to Do in Jakarta this Weekend?

What would you do to tackle the February gloom? Our picks are here for you!


Weekend Affair at Hotel Monopoli Jakarta
Date: 1 – 2 February 2019
Visit Hotel Monopoli Jakarta at Kemang this weekend with your friends and family – there would be tons to see such as art exhibition from Faris Stevy, Bandu Darmawan and Maika Collective. Bands such as Kunto Aji, Ping Pong Club and many more will also be performing alongside numerous count of DJs. If you think that will be all, you are wrong! Prepare youraelf for some Live Karaoke, Live Cooking and The Bedroom Gigs. Intrigued? Wait no more, buy your tickets and join the fun.

For more info: IG @hotelmonopoli
Mbok Jamu Day Out at Suwe Ora Jamu Café
Date: Friday, 1 February 2019
Are you one of those people who enjoy traditional medicine drinks? Yes I was mentioning the famous Jamu. If the answer is yes then this workshop is just perfect for you. Learn how to make your own Jamu drinks and Modern Kain Styling by Shawl&co. Book this unusual workshop at @kreasi.kreyasa or contact 0878 80761468
Hippa To Da Hoppa at Fat Shogun
Date: Saturday, 2 February 2019
Semusik Entertainment will be taking over Fat Shogun this Saturday, delivering you a mix of throwback and hottest hits of RnB Hip-Hop waves. Starting at 9PM, some of the music scene’s biggest names will be performing here: Ramengvrl, TuanTigaBelas, and many more. Supported by Uprising and Traveloka. Grab your ticket in advance at Traveloka website and apps now!
For more info RSVP: 0821 22958196 or email: reservation@fatshogun.com

Bugiali: Sehimpun Cerpen Book Discussion.
Date: Friday, 1 February 2019

A book by Arianto Adipurwanto who bring to you numerous stories with strong local background that’s integral with our nation’s growth in literature. This event is open for public and free of charge.
Register at: www.salihara.org
Music at theSAFEHOUSE, All Night Long.
Date: Friday, 1 February 2019
This Friday at theSAFEHOUSE, you can choose 2 kinds of music of your favorite. If you come here at 7PM, enjoy live music by D.E.C. Pay 250k net and got free flow Gin&Tonic until 10PM! Come here at 9PM and up you can choose some EDM music by Timsdub, Klapr and many more! Pick your bad boy!
For more info: IG @thesafehouse
Pick Your Movie at Kinosaurus.
Date: Sunday, 3 February 2019
Watch Malila, a movie that’s wrapped with Thailand tradition and Buddhism philosophy. Follow the narration of Shane, who mourns over the death of his son, and Pich who suddenly finds out the cancer in his body. They’re finally reunited after years of separation. On the other side, they have Lalaland, a musical flick about a jazz-lover guy and a girl who comes to Hollywood trying to make a break. They met and go on to a musical whimsical journey with twisted ending.  Malila will be playing on 16.30 and Lalaland on 19.00.
For more info: IG @kinosaurusjakarta
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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