#FCalendar 58: Where to Go and What to Do in Jakarta this Weekend?

Let’s ride the weekend like never before, check out our recommendations!

Overlab Takeover
Date : Friday, 29 November 2019
Location : Hotel Monopoli

Overlab will be taking over Hotel Monopoli as their one last event featuring Jidho, Podcast Boker, Jophy at The Moon while Anja, Gero, Ones – Tantra at The Room. In the Bloom there will be Herta-Scrubs , Distorsi Kolektif and Dansla to entertain you. Delivering a three-space-experience emerging sound vessels & visual artefacts. You wouldn’t want to missed it.

For more info : IG @hotelmonopoli


Semasa di Museum Bank Indonesia
Date : 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2019
Location : Museum BI

Collaborating with Museum Bank Indonesia, this will also be the last event of Semasa. Come and stroll around the museum while check out numerous local and international unique brands. This is the perfect time for you to stock those Christmas gifts.

For more info : IG @semasa_di


A Graphic Design Exhibition
Date : 29 Nov – 31 Jan 2019
Location : Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace

Graphic design is now a thing associate closely with life. Come view, experience and immerse yourself in a special collaborative exhibit and installation from as many as 40+ renowned Indonesian graphic designers and studio who will be on showcase for 2 months. Take your time but why don’t be the first to seek, learn and discuss?

For more info : IG @dialogue_arts

80th Celebration BOB Tutupoly
Date : Friday, 29 November 2019
Location : The Pallas

How often do you get to hang out with your parents on a concert?  Bring them to the 80th Celebration of Bob Tutupoli and enjoy his songs from the 70s. from Jazz, Pop , R&B ,and hip hop while featuring many young artist such as Iwa K, Yura Yunita, Mondo Gascaro and many more.  Book your tickets now!

For more info: IG @thepallas_allin

 Malam di MACAN
Date : Saturday, 30 November 2019
Location : Museum MACAN

Music performances at a museum is now available in Jakarta. Closely working with Studiorama there will be 2 places where the music will be playing. On the public area Indomodular, Mondo, Jamie Aditya and Munir will be playing while on the rooftop Jurassic Phunk , Belda, Sunmantra and Gabber Modus. Fun? Of course!

For more info : IG @museummacan

The Melting Pot
Date : Saturday, 30 March 2019
Location : Hatchi Jakarta

Following its Asian fusion roots it’s only fitting to invite our friends from Seoul, Korea for our 3 years celebration of THE MELTING POT with Didi Han and Blanche. Blanche is a Seoul-born DJ and Art Director while being a music crew to Deluxe Seoul and designer for Soap Seoul. With a mixture of tastefully curated tracks ranging from house. R&B and Bassy Beats this is a fun night why don’t you come!

For more info : IG @hatchijkt


Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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