#FCalendar 62: Where to Go and What to Do in Jakarta this Weekend?

Let’s have fun this weekend!

Zodiac 1st Anniversary
Location : Zodiac
Date : Friday, 24 January 2020
Yeay Zodiac is turning one and thank you for all the fun and games this past few years! This birthday is going to be special as Daniele Baldelli, Måns Ericson and Rastanils to play you some hit tunes. Worry not, free entry all night so dont hesitate to come and spend all those Angpao here.
For more info :
IG @zodiacjakarta
Sing Along 90’s – 2000 Hits
Location : Egg Hotel
Date : Friday, 24 January 2020
90’s kid where you at? This can be your way to unwind after a long tiring week. Sing along will always be a good idea especially when the songs are those you love since birth. And you know what, Free flow Gin & Tonic! Who wouldn’t want that?
For more info :
IG @egghoteljkt
Future 10 x De La House
Location : Minq Bar Lounge
Date : Friday. 24 January 2020
It’s the their first party of the year, serving you the best tunes there is from Anton Wirjono, Hogi, GreyBox, Decemberkid and Byanos. Promise the weekend gonna be lit from 9pm onwards for any of you who join us!
For more info:
IG @future10_official
Gong Xi Day d
location : Easy Lee
date :  Saturday, 25 January 2020
Give thanks to God of Prosper and we shall have an amazing Chinese New Year! Join our Chinese New Year celebration with their pick, Good Monday. Sing along to our most catchy tunes while bet yourself some luck and pick the lucky Angpao!
For more info :
IG @easyleejkt
Workshop Art Therapy by Moonwitin: Neo Expressionism Painting with Muning
Location : Dia Lo Gue Kemang
Date : Saturday, 25 January 2020
In the spirit of minds who kept spinning causing numerous hopes and fears who keep on scaring. We will interpret those fears to a painting reflecting you. In a drawing inspired by Basquiat the expressionist and neo-primitive from Brooklyn, New York.
For more info :
IG @seek_a_seek
Intergalactic at The Room
Location : Hotel Monopoli
Date : Saturday, 25 January 2020
Feel the fun of outer space as it invades The Room in the theme of Intergalactic. Music provided by Tandunz, Ridwan G, Dhika, Chef while introducing Andi. Have fun storming the galaxy!
For more info :
IG @hotelmonopoli
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Halim

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