Find Out Why People Cheat in Relationship

Have you ever been cheated or actually tempted to cheat on your loved one?

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand why people get the urge to cheat on their significant other especially when they’re actually deep in love with each other. But when you think about the reasons why people cheat, there are a long list why it happens, and you can also find out the reasons why they do so, here on Letter F.
  • Childhood issues
A relationship therapist, Dr. Susa Edelman says people who cheat are likely to have some self-issues, including childhood issues, self-esteem issues, and even narcissistic disorder. People with childhood issues cause them to feel unworthy of love and afraid of intimacy, hence they tend to avoid being truly intimate with their partner.
  • Avoiding conflict
“Cheating allows people to escape,” says Joshua Klapow, PhD and clinical psychologist. Many times people cheat as a way to distract their emotions that they’re not handling it well in relationship, problem at work, and so on. It’s also a way to get emotional validation, by cheating they can be with someone who doesn’t involve with their existing problems and eventually get the supports from them.
  • Intense Intimacy with someone else
It’s only natural to get close with someone from the same environment, and it’s also normal when it gets to the next level, the romantic one. People cheat because they’ve developed too much intimacy with a friend with such an intensity that makes the boundaries between them get weaker and eventually cheat. This can also be happening because of the lack intimacy with their significant other, and they seek it through this other relationship, aka cheating.
  • Revenge
Lack of communication between partners can lead into a misunderstanding and eventually ends up in anger and resentment. This problem if is not being solved may explode and lead to have an affair. This may also happening as a revenge if your partner has ever been cheated before.
There are numbers of reasons why people want to cheat, from the simplest reason of jealousy, all the way to more serious issues with personality or even mental health. It is important to remind yourself and partner the importance of your relationship and the consequences of cheating.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: psychology today, elite daily, bustle

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