First Female Pilot in Saudi Arabia

Known as a Muslim Country, it is exceptionally difficult for women to land a job as a pilot, but now it’s no longer a dream to be a female pilot in the largest oil producer in the Middle East.

Tackling all the obstacles to reach the pilot dream of many women in Saudi Arabia, Yasmeen Al-Maimani has successfully become the first female pilot in commercial airlines in Saudi Arabia. Yasmeen first obtained her aviation license from the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority six years ago but she failed to open the doors of many airlines company as she was not coming from the gender that they expected. However on Monday, she expressed her happiness by saying “Thank God, I achieved my dream today. Released as First Officer” and posted a picture of herself in the cockpit.
Entitled as the first female pilot in commercial airlines in Saudi Arabia, Yasmeen admitted that she had to change her American license with Saudi one in 2013 to work in her home country, but still she found no companies accepting her gender for the role. However, as Saudi women have entered the Saudi aviation sector in various departments such as customer service, air traffic control, air transport, termination of travel procedures, and administrative work beginning last year, and now al-Maimani has paved the way for Saudi women to become commercial pilots.
Source: USSFeed

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